Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i refuse.

to go outside the rest of winter.
this morning i almost got hypothermia walking into school, and when i walked outside for lunch, big flakes stuck to my eyelashes and made me shiver. I ate lunch, saw it was still snowing and decided i was not going to chance it and skipped 4th with the disapproval of my mother but constant nagging and a firm, i'm not going to brave that snow. It was then I decided refusing to go outside was a genius idea and i should do it not only today, but for the rest of the winter.
So. I refuse.

besides, it's a proven fact that snow makes me grouchy anyway and you don't want me hanging around with a chip on my shoulder do you?

p.s. i must have sensed it was going to snow because even this morning before it started i was grouchy. snow will do that to you.