Wednesday, November 10, 2010

if it's not the fact that I'm a wee bit younger, or the truth that I'm so naive.

Being the youngest of 7, I've always been the younger.
Even when I will little I acted older than my age (perhaps the reason for my bossiness as a child. good thing that left me. -sarcasm. I still am a little bossy.)
I often hung out with my older siblings, and when I got older it stuck with me.
I'm always the youngest in an older group.
My best friend is 3 years my senior and I love hanging out at BYU.
my whole group of friends this year (besides a couple) are older than me.
I enjoy college students and feel i get along with them easier.
But don't worry, I won't grow up too fast.
and sometimes i still act like i'm 12.


Hippie Grandma said...

what do you know,
i'm the youngest of 7 too!
but i've always hung out with older and younger.
i love both;
and with friends,
i was either the youngest or the oldest.
rarely in the middle.
but don't worry, i act like i'm five most of the time.
i'm like a 5 year old/70 year old in an almost 19 year old body. :)

Jameson said...

please call me when you go hang out at byu so i can feel like i have some friends at college. I'm not joking.

Saryn said...

jameson i told you we should be friends... i wasn't joking either.