Wednesday, November 24, 2010

mexico ramblings.

I don't like being woken up, so children, if you wake me, you will probably get yelled at.

I write mickell long emails and get nothing back. grr mickell.

I forgot to kick a ginger on kick a ginger day.

dear boy in the pool, you sort of look like justin bieber but with a wider face and a broken arm. too bad your probably like 12.

dear group of boys i see everywhere. are you stalking me? I'm convinced you are. stop the nonsense. or at least me good stalkers. or, here's a thought, chat me up.

basketball shorts, i really love you.

hey, wind, stop blowing. all I want out of life is a freaking tan but i can't do that when you freeze me. what kind of mexico is this that it's cold outside. what a sick joke this weather is.

indoor pool, i really like you and the warmth you bring me.

I wish utah wasn't so cold because i've got some adorable mexican sandals to get some use out of.

"call me nacho, i'm wearing my mask."
children say the funniest things.

probably the pizza is almost there. room service is nice. i'm not looking forward to the walk back, it's sorta brisk.



mickell said...

Never fear, I love you even if I don't email you back.
PS I'll be home 3 weeks from today