Tuesday, November 9, 2010

my go to.

Recently, i was almost out of perfume.
Not wanting to smell like a man or a wet puppy, i went to the store.
And, I got LUCKY YOU. it's my go-to scent. If I happen to find another scent I like, I'll get it and wear it but when I don't have time to search, it's always LUCKY YOU.
so, if you're near me, feel free to go ahead and sniff. i smell lucky. leprechans probably wear this, well girl leprechans. boy leprechans wearing it would just be awkward.

what's your go-to scent?


Nicole said...

first kiss by elle.

Hippie Grandma said...

i really enjoy classic romance by degree.
it's just a spray,
but i delight in its scent. :)
i also enjoy american eagle 77.
that is beautiful smelling. :)

olivia said...

pink ice by rue 21

10$ for a bottle. and it smells lovely.
I love that little bottle.

Kelsey said...

i also use pink ice by rue 21.
its heaven sent.

Mallory said...

princess, vera wang.

lisa said...

bayla, aeropostale.

kirsten. said...

daisy, marc jacobs

kirsten. said...
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rue. said...

pure seduction, victoria's secret. i swoon for it. i literally swoon.

Anonymous Viking said...
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Anonymous Viking said...

I also love Lucky, I have worn it since 7th grade. Its heavenly.