Sunday, November 7, 2010

perhaps I've escaped to a warmer place.

or, perhaps I've just been a terrible blogger.
If i were a gambler, I'd be the latter.

Well, football is over. (finally. what?)
We lost to Fremont.
Although I'm rather happy football is over, I'm also sad about a few things. But that's another post.

With football over, i do nothing with my life except for sleep on my favorite couch is who lacking in a name, but now has an imprint of my body (which furthers my love for it.) Naps are a daily occurrence and I don't like sleeping at night much.

This week I've avoided class about 4 times and cannot wait until thanksgiving break where I will be basking in the mexico sun.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Ashley Palmer while she was in the good ol' PG. We met at yogurt bliss, and talked for about 2 hours. Oh how I love her. She is hilarious. Also, she promised I could be interviewed one time. we can all do a little happy dance. We realized we had some common.... friends? and proceeded to tell stories about them. It was quite comical. We also planned playing in a sewer and ordering pizza one time. This girl is crazy funny and I hope she comes and visits again soon.