Thursday, November 11, 2010


Finally, i can relax.
psych, i still have homework.
i went to school (all four classes. be proud)
almost died in aerobics.
watched the latest episode of psych (has anyone watched. real great. I love shawn and juliet.)
showered and got ready for work.
worked for 2 hours.
went straight from work to dance.
went home, shoveled 4 pieces of pizza and a soda really fast.
made it to ward volleyball for a couple games.
won 1 game. we're so good.
made a couple real good serves.
and finally, I'm home and off to do homework with my head pounding like the inside of a dance club.


Kenlynn said...

You're volleyball part reminded me of this fun fact that I read on the back of an Herbal Essence's shampoo bottle.
What is the most popular sport played in nudist colonies??
The back of the conditioner bottle read: volleyball
Can you be a little bit excited please because #1 they talk about nudist colonies on the back of shampoo bottles and #2 I LOVE BOTH of those things, I was definitely born to be part of a nudist colony.

olivia said...

psych is the bread to my butter.