Sunday, November 7, 2010

the singles ward.

BYU singles ward.
I graced them with my presence today. And when I say graced I mean, I was visiting W4 and had to go to church somewhere.
If you've ever been to a singles ward, you'll know all this but let me remind you of it's beauty.

Let's face it.
The singles ward is a meat market.
Everyone comes to church in their sunday best, project runway addition.
They go to hunt. The prey? A spouse.
They flirt during sacrament, stalk to sunday school, and always hug before and after the meeting.
As I sat in sacrament, I people watched. There were awkward moments, boys with arms around girls, parents meeting friends, gandering of engagement rings, and lots of mingling. Names were exchanged along with handshakes in meeting. And I even saw a boy writing down his number for a girl. Home teaching is planned, and dates are asked. Awkwardness is inevitable, and I can't lie, whenever I was introduced to a boy I felt like in his mind he was wondering my dating status. Sometimes I feel like stamping my age across my forehead when I visit BYU. although, marriage proposals are quite flattering. (that's a whole another post entirely.)

Oh singles wards.


Batash said...

Try going every sunday.
A guy in our singles ward bishopric proclaimed during sacrament meeting that their main goal was to get us OUT of the single's ward. I felt really uncomfortable.

Hippie Grandma said...

they're alot better than i thought they'd be. :)
then again,
my singles ward isn't as much as a meat market as i once suspected it to be.
but still,
there is a LOT of awkward.
and i mostly feel like the guys are hawks looking for their spousal prey.
but some ofthe girls are just as bad.
rather crazy.

Kassie said...

So my dad is in a BYU bishopric and did you know they call the ward directory the ward menu. Yeah, I kinda felt uncomfortable about it.

Jenna said...

I go to a singles ward, away from byu obviously.. But this past sunday all the boys who stood up were just leaving for a mission. I laughed to myself. Ha.

♥ the carlisle said...

this is why i hated singles wards in the summer. talk about awkward. but they're wonderful now that i'm in college. seriously :) i met my steak at the opening social and fhe. it may be a meat market, but it delivers.

Saryn said...

haha... i love you.