Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Sorry blob I don't a watch." "it's bob not blob, smartA."

RAD. A hometown kid on his BMX against the best in the world. At Helltrack... the heat is on.

I grew up with this movie. My older brothers were obsessed with BMX. Still to this day, there is 'ride or die' and 'bmx' all over their wall in glow stickers. It does use a couple... or more choice words, and therefore my mother decided it was unfit for us and she hid it for a long time. We still loved it, but never found it. One day my brother got a copy of the DVD. Greatest day of our lives. This movie has some great quotable lines, not to mention fantastic bike riding and romance. I may just love it because i grew up with it but i think it's hilarious. Once i made mickell watch it and think she enjoyed it. It's quite comical.
I say, RAD party at my house.
We've got the DVD.
We can all swoon over cru jones.
Who's in?

cru jones. he's so dashing.

the love interest

cru and bart battling it out at helltrack

One of the best scenes in the movie.

tell me, what movie did you grow up with?


Saryn said...

im totally in!

goodburger... :)

melia said...

princess bride. i think i watched that movie every day for a year. infact, im still in love with westley and princess buttercup.

miss mandi said...

such a great movie.
and ferris bueller.
quest for camelot.

lisa said...

the little mermaid
and scamper the penguin