Wednesday, December 29, 2010

incase you wondered.

The name is Cailey Haynie. You mix those together, you get caihay.
you know what they say, if you can't shorten it, mix it.
I'm nearing 17, the age of wizarding, and would like to ask where my hogwarts letter is.
I'm in my junior year at PGHS and beam with school pride. I especially love PG football and would consider myself part of the team because dehydration is not a joke.
My hair is currently brown & short, though it's guaranteed to change soon, because i've got an addiction.
My eyes are hazel and asian like. Who knows where my asian eyes come from since I was born & raised in the great town of Pleasant Grove, Utah.
As a child I was bossy & blonde with a cheesy smile and I insisted people spelled my name right.
My senior year will be spent at hairschool, something I've been waiting to do since the 3rd grade. Sometimes when I'm doing hair, my eyes light up and I get ridiculously excited.
There are a lot of us PG Haynie's. 24 to be exact. 7 kids, 5 inlaws, 10 nephews/nieces and 2 parents. not to mention the baby due in april.
dancing is a hobby of mine. i particularly enjoy hip hop and pretending to be chris brown.
walkers visits are a daily occurrence in my life. Dr pepper, baked lays, and reeses is where it's at.
I work at a little place I like to call, copy tec. I copy, i tec. It's great.
Jeans and T shirts are my socially acceptable outfit but you'll most often find me in sweatpants and a XL shirt. Flip flops are a must, even in winter.
Colorful sneaks add a little spice, with just a hint of steve madden heels to the dish.
having my nails chipped bugs me so i don't often paint them.
i go through phones like bars of soap.
often, but not too often.
I have a box of dead phones under the bed. A phone grave if you will.
I feel I have a firm grasp on sarcasm and a less than firm grasp on reality.
My list of boys to marry is longer than my whole body, and it grows each day.
I tend to claim many different people as my best friends but it doesn't lessen the term one bit. I just like people.
My mom and dad are a couple of my best friends. I feel I am a good mix of the 2 of them so us 3 together is real great.
Disney movies are the best, along with Sandy movies.
Sandra Bullock, in case you didn't get that reference.
For me, movie quotes are a way to speak. Like sign language.
Each summer since I can remember has been spent at the PG pool, with my childhood friends eating ice cream and pretzels.
I have a sort of 'wendy prefercorn' lifeguard who is currently in a different country while I find sorrow in summer.
Fbook is a hobby. Add stalking to the list.
reading. blogging. writing. my nerd side is out. don't judge.
i could never be anorexic because i simple love food. all kinds except for the ones i don't like.
i feel chocolate should get it's own place on the food pyramid.
I can sing & speak along with the entire 'book of mormon' scripture scouts. Well, there is one that I was afraid of as a child so I can't quote it as well. (secret; it still scares me a little. shhhhh)
I believe if I had to watch one movie the rest of my life, it would be while you were sleeping. "I've had a crappy christmas, you've just managed to ruin my new years. if you come back on christmas you can burn down my apartment." "45 dollars of a christmas tree and they don't deliver? 10 dollars worth of chow mein from mr. wong's and they deliver it to your door."

so incase you wondered, this is me.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

new years. hollllaaaa.

Hey guys.
New years eve party, my house.
big dance floor.
a countdown to 2011.
it'll be bomb.
email me your number & i'll shoot you a text.
or, email me your email.
p.s. it's an event on Fbook if you're friends with me. and i probably invited you. If not, i'm sorry. you were supposed to be invited.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

who loves shopping?

me! me! me!
guess who got some super cute steven maddenheels for 20 bucks? yup. me.
sometimes i wear them around my house just because they are adorable.
(and don't fret because the heel is as tall as a sharpie highlighter. check it.)

guess who got a super cute pair of nude shoes? right again. me.
adorable. I would wear them but my steve's are already on.

guess who is slightly obsessed with american eagle skinny jeans. good, clay. it's me.
(whoever gets that 'good clay' quote is my hero.)

shopping with my mom and this sis is real fun.

Monday, December 20, 2010

all i want for christmas is you....

but i'll settle for you in doll form.
all 5 please santa.

hey all.

I say, this christmas break us blogger friends all party.
whos up for it?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

this is NOT ok.

p.s. if any of you so desire, i would really like a justin bieber barbie doll for christmas.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

pictures of you. pictures of me.

sometimes, a post full of pictures is necessary. so here goes.
battle hardened. what?i love drama. rob d is my hero.

cailey pfaff.

rob d is my hero.
i love drama.

we fail at dark marks.

i love her.


best frannss.

draco and bellatrix.

christmas card? i think so.

christmas dance concerts.

the grinch?

i heart jon browne.

yes. definietly necessary.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

yes. yes indeed.

ladies love country boys.
-trace adkins

* If you can't already tell, I've been in a country mood lately.

I've been waiting for this for at least 5 years.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

as she thoughtfully thumbs through her hair.

It's a habit.
a haynie habit.
even a couple of my nieces and nephews have begun. *

Ever since I was little, I've twirled my hair, tying it in knots and creating split ends when I scratch it. The sound of scratching hair comforts me.
My hair is kinda like a security blanket. I twirl it when I'm bored, uncomfortable, thinking, basically all the time. I am always twirling my hair. (if you're in one of my classes, watch me. It won't take long for my hand to go to my head.)
I even play with my hair when I exercise. Weird, I know. But sometimes when I lay down on the bench in aerobics to do abs, my hand goes to my head.
When I go to sleep at night, most often my fingers are intertwined with hair.
When I have sleepovers, I always play with their hair while we go to sleep.
Since I'm always playing with my hair, I've learned some cool tricks. I can tie a knot with one hand. Ask me to show you one day. It's pretty cool if I do say so myself.

On the contrary, I LOVE when people play with my hair. It makes me go to sleep. I absolutely love it and try to weasel people into it.
If you ever need me asleep, play with my hair. within seconds my eyes will droop.

*my nephew, Sam, ALWAYS plays with his hair. He twirls one piece in the front and it always looks like a unicorn horn.
my niece, Mckell, always has knots in her hair because she twirls it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

decribe your style.

You know those question and answer things on fbook and blogs? They always ask you to describe your style. I wasn't sure I even had a 'style' until recently while shopping, I realized.

My style is jeans.
It's tshirts and showing school pride.
It's flip flops and sneaks.
It's wash & wear.
It's capri's in winter.
It's sweatpants and cutoffs.
It's ponytails.
It's sweatshirts and zip up hoodies.
It's comfortable and simple.
It's laidback.
It's me.

I wear only mascara and cover up.
I have a million tshirts.
Jeans are a staple.
I can't go without changing into sweatpants.
I have sneaks and flip flops in every color.

It's not floral.
It's not girly.
It's not leather jackets and jeggings.
It's not high heels and tight skirts.
It's not flowered necklaces and big bows.
It's not leggings and a flowy shirt.
It's not knee high boots and diamond encrusted jeans.
(note, I'm not dissing on any of these. I love them to be quite frank. Just not on me.)

I've never been one to cake on the makeup or to wear the latest trends.
Don't get me wrong, I love fashion. I'd just rather look. That's always how it's been.
I prefer simple, natural, and comfortable.

The beauty of life, is that you don't have to be modernly beautiful to live it. ~C.S. Lewis

Monday, December 13, 2010

maybe: NOUN, may or may not have but definietly did.

so maybe i went brunette.
maybe i got some christmas shopping done.
maybe i fell in love with american eagle jeans.
maybe i shared an ice storm from nordstroms cafe with jbear.
maybe i skipped ceramics to watch my 3 year old niece in her first dance recital.
maybe i fbook stalk my sisters old boyfriend and think he is dashing and a little excited.
maybe i've looked forward to this friday since august.
maybe i talk to myself and maybe it's a youngest child sydrome.
maybe i'm dreading christmas just a little.
maybe tonight i wanted to buy a barney movie and relive my childhood.
maybe i want to watch oliver and company and cry because i miss him.
maybe i miss ptown and w4.
maybe i'm really excited to talk to jaden on christmas.
maybe i'm real excited to see krista.
maybe i wish things were like they used to be.
maybe i'm going to los hermanos tomorrow for spirit team.
maybe i enjoy christmas shopping.
maybe i love 'someone else calling you baby' from luke bryan.
maybe i fbook stalk people. wayyy to much.
maybe i enjoy working.
maybe jesse, kayloa and I go crazy at stomps with sophomores.
maybe today has been a good day.


Well, I tried to get with my power animal. (thank you rob dyrdek.) and with the help of Jessie,
I succeeded. Only to find this.


Genus and Species:
Papio ursinus

Collective Term:
A shrewdness of baboons

Careers and Hobbies
Family Time
Famous Baboons
Robin Williams
Jim Carrey
Billy Crystal
Conan O'Brien

also, I'm unsure why extra letters are necessary. maybe to get the jist of how i'm saying it.


happy birthday dad!

11 reasons i love my dad.
(he's 56. 5+6=11, clever right?)

1) he is hysterical.
2) everywhere you go, he'll know someone. he has friends everywhere and everyone loves him.
3)he is constantly giving service and is always willing to help with anything.
4) he has an amazing testimony and is always helping me do right.
5) he has a great voice. I love singing with him.
6) he is involved in everything and loves to be around people.
7) we are so much alike, it's tons of fun to be with each other.
8) no matter how sad, he'll cheer you up.
9) he lets me sit on his hip like a baby
10) the grandkids love him and he loves them
11) he is really smart and always gives me good answer to homework questions.

As I hope every girl does,
I hope my husband is just like my dad.
I love you dad. happy 56th.

Monday, December 6, 2010

to ensure i don't grow up too fast.

i will,
drive a little too fast.
spend my weekends sleeping and hanging out.
procrastinate my homework.
flirt with boys.
gain as many friends as possible.
constantly have my phone nearby, waiting for a text.
laugh too loud in class.
smile more often than not.
take naps because i can.
be inseparable with certain friends.
dance the night away.
watch too much t.v.
spend too much money on food.
wear my hair in a pony atop my head.
change my hair because i'm bored with it.
be daring.
spend pointless hours at the mall.
spend weekends with friends.
blog dramatically.
turn my music up to loud.
dance like an idiot.
write notes with drawings of attractive males.
spend too much time on fbook.
text too much.
avoid school.
sleep in class.
and finally, take time to just be a

Sunday, December 5, 2010

it's like meth. don't judge.

I CANNOT stand to have my hair the same for long periods of time. hence, why my hair is so short, i don't have enough patience to grow it out.
besides, short hair is the bomb. lately, everyone has long hair. But i like to be different.
i want something different.
i'm thinking shorter and dark dark brown with make some purples and reds.
cuts? I can't decide.

short and swooped?
front bangs and bob ( like now)
a-line like posh?
blue fohawk?
pixie cut like emma watson?
and just to show you that once i did have long hair (pre addiction) the last couple pictures.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

ya know,

Sometimes i feel like i have a million things to blog about but when i sit down and begin it's like my mind stutters then shuts down.
so, here's to brain farts.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


my nieces and nephew just got new pictures and they are just too cute to not be seen.
gander them here