Monday, December 13, 2010


happy birthday dad!

11 reasons i love my dad.
(he's 56. 5+6=11, clever right?)

1) he is hysterical.
2) everywhere you go, he'll know someone. he has friends everywhere and everyone loves him.
3)he is constantly giving service and is always willing to help with anything.
4) he has an amazing testimony and is always helping me do right.
5) he has a great voice. I love singing with him.
6) he is involved in everything and loves to be around people.
7) we are so much alike, it's tons of fun to be with each other.
8) no matter how sad, he'll cheer you up.
9) he lets me sit on his hip like a baby
10) the grandkids love him and he loves them
11) he is really smart and always gives me good answer to homework questions.

As I hope every girl does,
I hope my husband is just like my dad.
I love you dad. happy 56th.


Lexi Lou. said...

I think our fathers may be the same person....