Wednesday, December 15, 2010

as she thoughtfully thumbs through her hair.

It's a habit.
a haynie habit.
even a couple of my nieces and nephews have begun. *

Ever since I was little, I've twirled my hair, tying it in knots and creating split ends when I scratch it. The sound of scratching hair comforts me.
My hair is kinda like a security blanket. I twirl it when I'm bored, uncomfortable, thinking, basically all the time. I am always twirling my hair. (if you're in one of my classes, watch me. It won't take long for my hand to go to my head.)
I even play with my hair when I exercise. Weird, I know. But sometimes when I lay down on the bench in aerobics to do abs, my hand goes to my head.
When I go to sleep at night, most often my fingers are intertwined with hair.
When I have sleepovers, I always play with their hair while we go to sleep.
Since I'm always playing with my hair, I've learned some cool tricks. I can tie a knot with one hand. Ask me to show you one day. It's pretty cool if I do say so myself.

On the contrary, I LOVE when people play with my hair. It makes me go to sleep. I absolutely love it and try to weasel people into it.
If you ever need me asleep, play with my hair. within seconds my eyes will droop.

*my nephew, Sam, ALWAYS plays with his hair. He twirls one piece in the front and it always looks like a unicorn horn.
my niece, Mckell, always has knots in her hair because she twirls it.


sydnee said...

okay we're soul mates.
please come play with my hair.