Wednesday, December 29, 2010

incase you wondered.

The name is Cailey Haynie. You mix those together, you get caihay.
you know what they say, if you can't shorten it, mix it.
I'm nearing 17, the age of wizarding, and would like to ask where my hogwarts letter is.
I'm in my junior year at PGHS and beam with school pride. I especially love PG football and would consider myself part of the team because dehydration is not a joke.
My hair is currently brown & short, though it's guaranteed to change soon, because i've got an addiction.
My eyes are hazel and asian like. Who knows where my asian eyes come from since I was born & raised in the great town of Pleasant Grove, Utah.
As a child I was bossy & blonde with a cheesy smile and I insisted people spelled my name right.
My senior year will be spent at hairschool, something I've been waiting to do since the 3rd grade. Sometimes when I'm doing hair, my eyes light up and I get ridiculously excited.
There are a lot of us PG Haynie's. 24 to be exact. 7 kids, 5 inlaws, 10 nephews/nieces and 2 parents. not to mention the baby due in april.
dancing is a hobby of mine. i particularly enjoy hip hop and pretending to be chris brown.
walkers visits are a daily occurrence in my life. Dr pepper, baked lays, and reeses is where it's at.
I work at a little place I like to call, copy tec. I copy, i tec. It's great.
Jeans and T shirts are my socially acceptable outfit but you'll most often find me in sweatpants and a XL shirt. Flip flops are a must, even in winter.
Colorful sneaks add a little spice, with just a hint of steve madden heels to the dish.
having my nails chipped bugs me so i don't often paint them.
i go through phones like bars of soap.
often, but not too often.
I have a box of dead phones under the bed. A phone grave if you will.
I feel I have a firm grasp on sarcasm and a less than firm grasp on reality.
My list of boys to marry is longer than my whole body, and it grows each day.
I tend to claim many different people as my best friends but it doesn't lessen the term one bit. I just like people.
My mom and dad are a couple of my best friends. I feel I am a good mix of the 2 of them so us 3 together is real great.
Disney movies are the best, along with Sandy movies.
Sandra Bullock, in case you didn't get that reference.
For me, movie quotes are a way to speak. Like sign language.
Each summer since I can remember has been spent at the PG pool, with my childhood friends eating ice cream and pretzels.
I have a sort of 'wendy prefercorn' lifeguard who is currently in a different country while I find sorrow in summer.
Fbook is a hobby. Add stalking to the list.
reading. blogging. writing. my nerd side is out. don't judge.
i could never be anorexic because i simple love food. all kinds except for the ones i don't like.
i feel chocolate should get it's own place on the food pyramid.
I can sing & speak along with the entire 'book of mormon' scripture scouts. Well, there is one that I was afraid of as a child so I can't quote it as well. (secret; it still scares me a little. shhhhh)
I believe if I had to watch one movie the rest of my life, it would be while you were sleeping. "I've had a crappy christmas, you've just managed to ruin my new years. if you come back on christmas you can burn down my apartment." "45 dollars of a christmas tree and they don't deliver? 10 dollars worth of chow mein from mr. wong's and they deliver it to your door."

so incase you wondered, this is me.


mardiiiii said...

Oh that was jus lovely to get to know you.
Your very unique. I sure do love it.
Your pretty cool. Not gunna lie.
I like this.

melia said...

walker runs? haha im there like every day. im suprised i havent ever seen you. walkers is almost my 2nd home... those dang hicks that hang out there. anyways i liked this post.

jessie said...

quoting movies is my main way of communicating too.

Reese, or so they call me said...

We've met, in case you don't know if you remember, but just wanted to shout out for the scripture scouts, no one understands my references when i quote them... glad to know some one else out there knows what i'm talking about