Sunday, December 5, 2010

it's like meth. don't judge.

I CANNOT stand to have my hair the same for long periods of time. hence, why my hair is so short, i don't have enough patience to grow it out.
besides, short hair is the bomb. lately, everyone has long hair. But i like to be different.
i want something different.
i'm thinking shorter and dark dark brown with make some purples and reds.
cuts? I can't decide.

short and swooped?
front bangs and bob ( like now)
a-line like posh?
blue fohawk?
pixie cut like emma watson?
and just to show you that once i did have long hair (pre addiction) the last couple pictures.



Jenna said...

i feel good about our picture being one of the ones you picked. i can't explain how much i miss you without it taking up this whole comment box. just know that it's a lot. but onto what you need help with. i think you pull off the short hair fabulous! i love the dark brown/red fohawk or in our picture! i also like it with a little blonde. but it's up to you my dear! xo

lisa said...

it's so so cute in the 3rd picture down. but you're a babe no matter how it is.

Katie said...

I like the second picture, with the brownish/red spikey and bangs... it's super cute!!! Love and miss you, Lady!

olivia said...

your hair looks more you shorter(:
I do like it blonde though.
I think it suits you as well.

meg. said...

fohawk or keep the blonde.

{m.e.g}.a.n ♥ said...

I love all your different hair styles :D. So cute!

mickell said...

I think I like it blonde better.
But you know, I'll love you either way.
And you may or may not but definitely will see me in 10 days.

cate said...

id say go posh!!

cate said...

also i love it in your side picture. the one titled
We're real cool.

Cali Haynie Rutter said...

KEEP IT BLONDE! I want it SUPER Blonde again! :D

♥ the carlisle said...

haha i know EXACTLy how this is!! i love the pixie with the fohawk. it's my FAVORITE! i've always wanted my hair like that. i'm moving back to highland this week, we need to go to pizza pie! asap! and probably we could get our hair done together.. it's time for mine to change too!

Saryn said...

LOVE the blonde, and the short, and mickells comment!!! baahhhh!!! so soon!!!! :D :D