Monday, December 13, 2010

maybe: NOUN, may or may not have but definietly did.

so maybe i went brunette.
maybe i got some christmas shopping done.
maybe i fell in love with american eagle jeans.
maybe i shared an ice storm from nordstroms cafe with jbear.
maybe i skipped ceramics to watch my 3 year old niece in her first dance recital.
maybe i fbook stalk my sisters old boyfriend and think he is dashing and a little excited.
maybe i've looked forward to this friday since august.
maybe i talk to myself and maybe it's a youngest child sydrome.
maybe i'm dreading christmas just a little.
maybe tonight i wanted to buy a barney movie and relive my childhood.
maybe i want to watch oliver and company and cry because i miss him.
maybe i miss ptown and w4.
maybe i'm really excited to talk to jaden on christmas.
maybe i'm real excited to see krista.
maybe i wish things were like they used to be.
maybe i'm going to los hermanos tomorrow for spirit team.
maybe i enjoy christmas shopping.
maybe i love 'someone else calling you baby' from luke bryan.
maybe i fbook stalk people. wayyy to much.
maybe i enjoy working.
maybe jesse, kayloa and I go crazy at stomps with sophomores.
maybe today has been a good day.


Cali Haynie Rutter said...

Who is the old boyfriend?

melia said...

luke bryan, good choice (: