Monday, December 6, 2010

to ensure i don't grow up too fast.

i will,
drive a little too fast.
spend my weekends sleeping and hanging out.
procrastinate my homework.
flirt with boys.
gain as many friends as possible.
constantly have my phone nearby, waiting for a text.
laugh too loud in class.
smile more often than not.
take naps because i can.
be inseparable with certain friends.
dance the night away.
watch too much t.v.
spend too much money on food.
wear my hair in a pony atop my head.
change my hair because i'm bored with it.
be daring.
spend pointless hours at the mall.
spend weekends with friends.
blog dramatically.
turn my music up to loud.
dance like an idiot.
write notes with drawings of attractive males.
spend too much time on fbook.
text too much.
avoid school.
sleep in class.
and finally, take time to just be a


Hippie Grandma said...

oh, how i love this. :)

brit said...

i love and completely agree with all of this (:

court said...

pony atop of the head; classic cailey

missijay said...

we would get along perfectly. don't take that in an awkward way.

olivia said...

this post pleases me.
it truly does.

{m.e.g}.a.n ♥ said...

I love this :). It all sounds good to me!

Lexi said...

sorry but my computer was having problems so your comment got deleted by accident!
but i lov eyour blog :)

Kelsey said...