Wednesday, December 22, 2010

who loves shopping?

me! me! me!
guess who got some super cute steven maddenheels for 20 bucks? yup. me.
sometimes i wear them around my house just because they are adorable.
(and don't fret because the heel is as tall as a sharpie highlighter. check it.)

guess who got a super cute pair of nude shoes? right again. me.
adorable. I would wear them but my steve's are already on.

guess who is slightly obsessed with american eagle skinny jeans. good, clay. it's me.
(whoever gets that 'good clay' quote is my hero.)

shopping with my mom and this sis is real fun.


Jared and Keri said...

I want some pics of the goods!

melia said...

steven madden for twenty bucks?!? WHERE!

Nicole said...

i just pulled out a highlighter and thought, "woah".

Kenlynn said...

W. For whatevs. Pretty sure that quote comes from the same place. Also, when I read "nude shoes" I was a tad bit confused because I thought to myself... "what kind of nudist wears shoes" but, now I understand.

sydnee said...

okay. i bought steve madden heels for twenty bucks!
this is weird.

Lexiiiii. said...

We would get along quite perffectly.
I love shoppping.
and the only place that sells the jeans for me. is AE.
i vote this bloggging party should be held at the nearest mall perhaps!