Sunday, January 2, 2011


everyone else is doing it, i might as well.

I rang in the new years.
an awkward experience involving phone numbers ensued.
I became friends with megan.
my love for BYU men's volleyball began.
all i wanted was to be 'cool'

My nephew, Max was babtized.
Valentines day was spent in megan's car eating cookie dough.
I anxiously awaited my sweet 16.
Tibbs came to us.
I found love for texas roadhouse.
i laughed so hard I peed my pants.

I turned sweet 16 and gained my license.
My party was a success.
I got a pleasant surprise.
This blog was birthed.
i got my first drama beats shirt.
sweater swing was my first date and it was fantastic.
I asked to morp with a gorilla suit.
Spring break was great.
April showers also bring puddle jumping.
i ordered a pork salad and they forgot the lettuce.

I was a reptile.
I found the Kirbys.
wedgies happened.
I can't be tamed.
jaden wouldn't stop dancing to help me.
sunday fires.
Parking tickets were finally paid.
sophomore year came to an end.
cal was born.
We began our mexico trip at 3:45 on june 1st.
It was by far the best mexico trip ever.
I gained lots of new friends.
i was told 'it will go by faster than you can say jaden you are not the smooth criminal and you didn't rule the school."
Jaden left for his mission.
I cried a lot.
My ray ban addiction began.
girls camp was bomb.
strawberry days.
youth conference was lame.
i enjoyed summer.
my dreams were killed.
4th was awesome.
steph and I became friends.
chalking happened.
i was hot dogged.
I still enjoyed summer.
family reunions were awkward.
dope sneaks.
tibbs was vandalized.
we became a square.
i smelled like a man eryday.
i sent my brother rocks for his birthday.
thursday night dancing.
junior year began.
i missed summer.
Molly was born.
mickell left for Jru.
Tibbs was sold.
Mr. P pridemobile came to us.
i loved me some PG football.
my gramps got married.
i had an awful sickness.
football coaches are bomb.
i was asked to homecoming.
i loved zumba.
i dress up like justin bieber.
sisterwives were stalked.
fall break was lovely.
Oh darling.
i wanted to be a disney princess.
T swift's new cd came out.
Hudson was born.
Football was over.
i was hired at copy tec.
I wanted to watch RAD.
I refused to go outside in the cold.
Harry Potter 7.
I was off to mexico.
sandcastles were a big deal.
i really missed mickell.
brown hair came upon me.
Zanessa broke up.
I loved country boys.
i wanted a JB doll for christmas.
i loved shopping.
christmas and chatting with jaden.
i failed.


Jenna said...

i like this.
i like how i am in a lot of the months.
miss them good ol' days.
can we go back to them and play lots?
can't wait to move in together. ;)

Lexiiiii. said...

when i heard your birthday was in march. i soon fbook stalked you to find out what date, maybe we would have had the same birthday.
if i was born 17 days earlier,
or if you were born 17 days later..

Jenna said...

FYI. I gave you a blog award. Check it out here:
Thanks for having a blog with substance!