Friday, January 7, 2011

cause I'm country strong.

I was coerced into getting off work and going to see Country Strong. Boy am I glad I was!
Despite the 2 and a 1/2 stars it got, I loved it!
yes, there were some dumb things like james. we really dislike his character.
but, I loved it still.
Songs are I particularly enjoy are, summer girl--leighton meester (who by the way is so fantastic in it!)
give in to me--leighton meester and garrett hedlund.
country strong-- gwyneth paltrow
There are lots of good other ones, though those are my current favorites.
don't fret because i've already bought the music on itunes.
Another thing I loved about it was this guy.......

who looked like this in the movie,
(man, i love those two.)
I'm unsure as to why this girl hasn't been discovered in the music industry. I enjoy her.

"does this mean we're friends?"

"don't be afraid to fall in love, it's the only thing that matters."

"you're being very rude right now."

"love and fame can't exist together."

"what would you say if i told you i wasn't miss dallas?"
"I'd probably like you more."

All in all, I'd give the movie a 4.
The music a 5.
And Garret Hedlund a 10 out of 5.


Hippie Grandma said...

this is good information to know.
because my best friend wants me to come and see this with her.
she loves leighton meester.
but i told her the only way i'd go is if she'd purchase me olive garden.
but i guess there's hope for me seeing this movie. :)

sydnee said...

i love leighton meester.