Thursday, January 27, 2011

I copy. and tec things.

ok, so maybe i don't tec things.
but i do copy. and laminate. and print. and cut.
yes, i do all those things.
copy tec, also know as copy T. (love at copy T. hahaha cate.)
is so much fun. for the most part.

Here at copy tec, we hate people.
Here at copy tec, violence is the answer.

When you work with fun people, it's actually bearable.

And It's now getting to the point where we aren't awkward coworkers, but we are friends.
we chat about boys, talk about old people who like to annoy us, and try to scare people with hyrum's face.

I really like when I say, i saw the love of my life at walkers.
And immediately cate says, justin bieber?!
obviously yes.

I'm quite positive that most people that come into copy tec when cate, candace, and I are working think we are ALL on drugs.
But's fine.

Seriously, sometimes work is just so much fun.

Also, sometimes I end up like this...


Kelsey said...

Why is it that yesterday I go to copy tech, and you weren't there?

Not a fan.

cate said...

you forgot when we hide behind that one cardboard being and talk like he is talking.

this picture is brilliant.
thanks to me :) hahaha.

"i really just love laying on counters" youre truly great.