Friday, January 21, 2011

I loathe you.

Tonight, we got dominated by lone peak.

yes, you read that right.
man, more than anything I hate losing to lone peak.

High School rivals are tough.
As we were losing, they yelled, "just like football."
how low.

But then, to the Haws' kid, we were all, "tyler's better."

Don't fret, the police were there and they wouldn't let me pass to go chat with Mckenna.
You think I'm gonna start a fight? How about those other 20 who got past you?
Purple hair=hooligan.

As Lyss and I were walking out, some idiot walked past us and said, maybe next year guys.
I could only clench my teeth and walk away.
man, I would enjoy punching him in the face.
Lyss and I almost got in a fight, it's fine.
secretly, we would like to throw the first punch in a school fight. preferably against lone peak.

losing to lone peak is the worst.


Anonymous said...

it's just a game.
no big deal.

Anonymous said...

it's just a game.
no big deal.

jalissa said...

i love basketball season, because lets face it, that is the only thing my school is good at. ha!
we dominate! and i love it!

and another thing, loan peak just sucks so don't worry. (: