Friday, January 21, 2011

oh hey doc.

One time, on wednesday, I had to get stitches. In my elbow.

I went to my sisters house to get my hurr done. I'd been there for like 5 minutes. I was sitting in her chair in her basement salon, while we chatted. I stretched my arm back and it felt like a branch scraped me. Turns out, it was the clippers, taking a chunk of my elbow. So I lifted my elbow so Courtney could see it and she was all, take a look at that. So I went up to the mirror and looked saying, Uh, I'm 99% sure that needs stitches. She looked at it again and then exclaimed, "What do we do?!" Then I said, "I don't know, You're the adult!!!!" So we called my mom who was in salt lake with my aunt that just so happens to be a nurse. We sent pictures and they both decided I needed to go to the doctors.
So we wake up her son, Dillon, and rush out the door. Meanwhile my mom is racing back from SLC.
We go to the doctors and indeed, I do need stitches. but, I have a phobia of needles. Luckily, my mom arrived just before they numbed me with a big needle.
Then, they stitched me all up. 5 stitches.
The doctor was quite comical. He thought my sister was just my stylist and that she had brought me because it was a liability or something. so great.
Seriously, who has to get stitches
in their elbow?
And from hair clippers too!
What in the world.
Only me.
pictures? of course.