Monday, February 28, 2011

you clean up real nice.

Tonight, I got a text from my sister, Keri.
"justin and selena: "they snuggled until the early morning hours." at an oscar party. If it's any consulation her boobs looked really slutty in her dress."

well justin. you look real nice.
selena, we all know he's only dating you because he and i haven't met yet. go away.

happy 17th

to this attractive male,
yes, we are the EXACT same age.
destiny? i think so.

as of 2 minutes ago,

i am the big

happy birthday.
I am now of wizarding age. yes.

so great.

one of my good friends Krista Isom Nielson posted this on her blog and i thought it was quite comical.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


remember the midnight dance parties?

remember when sometimes he sat on me and farted?
remember when i walked into the room and nearly died?
remember to take pepto and go back to school.
remember the truck that broke down every other day?
remember how he has enough Oakley shirts to last him a month?
remember the well thought out sweet 16 present?
remember borrowing cars?
remember that one time he tried to teach me to drive a stick?
remember when we rode in the canyon on our scooters?
remember when we found out that cool trick?
remember when he came home with his head bleeding and he asked me to super glue it?
remember singing tswift?
remember how if you can't put it up then you can't drive it?
remember the gummy worms and taffy?
remember the snowmobile that sometimes worked?
remember patrish and melmen?
remember the USS quest?
remember the smooth criminal?
remember the drop off?
remember one of the most awful days of my life?
remember what the old man said?
"this girl must really like you."
"she's my little sister."

man, i miss him so much.


Is my birthday. March 1st. Gifts are excepted at any point.

How am I feeling about this day?
I'm feeling that I wish my dad didn't have to go out of town.
I'm feeling that I hope Justin Bieber has a good birthday too.
I'm feeling that I wish Jaden was here to celebrate.
I'm feeling that after this there is only 1 more birthday before jaden gets home.
I'm feeling that last sentence made me even more depressed.
I'm feeling that I've been 17 for a year already, when I'm just turning 17.
I'm feeling that I wish I was older.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No doubt, Inspired.

Because I hadn't realized the rut I was in until he emailed me, and said all the right things.

wanna know exactly what i'm thinking right now? read below.

I may have a twitter obsession.

is there a tweeting anonymous?

man, I am so excited for season 4 of fantasy factory.

hey, my birthday is coming up.
keep on the look out of a birthday list.

I miss my best friend Mickell.

I miss my brother so much. The 2 years does NOT fly by, stop lying to me.

Things I'm craving lately?
gummy worms and taco amigo nacho supreme.

speaking of gummy worms. I'd been craving them all day so before work, I went in search of them. Conveniently EVERYONE was out of gummy worms. Seriously?! I had to go to 3 different places just to get some stinkin sour gummy worms.

Honey you can't blame her for what her momma gave her.

sometimes i enjoy english. firm.

BYU MEN'S VOLLEYBALL TOMORROW AND FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(all those exclamation points were very necessary to show how truly excited I am.)

sometimes i go to the library and get 10 books at a time. Don't judge.

5 ways to cure winter blues.

1) wear something besides a tshirt and jeans.

2) read next to a windowsill
3) refuse to accept the fact that it is winter and avoid wearing coats.
4) wear shorts and a tshirt because you can.
5) pretend it's summer!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

yeah, we're going to state.

the score was 43-43 with 4 seconds left.
cade wilkes has the ball, 2 seconds left now.
he shoots, 3 pointer, nothing but net.
yeah buddy.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

when life gets you down.

10 things that make me happy.
1) family parties.
2) texting the sibs, and louise.
3) justin bieber, his new movie.
4) laying upside down.
5) saturday night spent with the best friend.
6) a ridiculous amount of treats.
7) a sunny day
8) sunday drives, stalking.
9) a good romance novel.
10) feeling loved.

"life is hard."

A quote from my nephew, Sam.
He also says that first grade is the worst.

To tell you the truth, this week has been hard.
One of the weeks where breakdowns are completely necessary and sleeping instead of school is great.
I've been missing my brother so much this week. Sometimes at random moments, a lonely feeling comes over me and I can't help but sob on my floor because I miss him so much.

School is the worst. I can't handle going, ever. Each time I go in, I feel awful. I can't explain it, but i hate it so much.

It doesn't help my hating school when I just want to live in provo. These weekends that I spent with them have been amazing, and it's almost like I go through W4 withdrawals whenever I leave. I love everything about provo.
I love that the market is down the street, and that star and I cuddle on the way there.
I love that none of us are dramatic ;)
I love mens' volleyball games.
everything. i'm obsessed. you can tell because i drive there and back about 4 times a weekend.

also, I'm feeling a little stressed.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

& again it was failed.

I've attempted to write you more than once.

It always starts out with the same lame line, asking how you are, and how the mission is.
I always want to apologize for my lack of letters, but it never comes. The letter always ends there before it ends up in the trash.
Tonight, it was longer. Then I doubted myself and crumpled it.
I'll admit it, I'm afraid.
I'm afraid of you.
I'm afraid you will remember the awkward 14 year old girl who followed you around quite obviously.
I'm afraid you will remember that one time that you caught me shaking in your presence.
I'm afraid you will remember me as a nuisance.
I'm afraid you will remember when I was lovestruck, in awe with you.
I'm afraid you will remember what a creeper I was ( and still am, what?)
But most of all, I'm afraid of what you will think now.
Now, I've mostly got my shaking under control, I'm still awkward, and sometimes I'm a nuisance. Something keeps telling me to write you, but each time I try, it ends up with the garbage.
I have to wonder, how can you still do this to me, even from another country?
That's power.

a hobby in my life.

I have many hobbies.

Most are unusual.
And lately, I've discovered a new one.
I like to call it, SURPRISE TAPING.

Here's what you do.
Get some tape.
Find someone to surprise tape.
Then, tape them either together, or to an object.

Today, I got Ashley.
There we were, taping in spirit team.
I lunged, and her being stunned, I was able to wrap the tape around her arms.
All she could do was squirm and yell, cut me out!
so great.

To read of her experience with surprise taping, click here.

Go ahead, try it.
You'll like it. Promise.

*we were going to tape Jan to something, perhaps the wall, but we decided against it because, let's be real. She could kick all of our butts. And would probably use some... colorful language.

who know where this came from.

This week, I've gained a twitchy eye.
My right eye twitches ALL the time.
The kind of twitch you have to poke to get rid of.
Who knows where this twitchy eye came from, but it's here and I don't appreciate it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Let me just tell you,

how much I LOVE the aristocats.

I'd forgotten how dang funny that movie is until we watched it again the other day.

"I'm the leader. I'll decide what it is. It's a little ol' cricket bug."

"I'm the leader. I'll decide when to go. We can go."

"You're not a lady. You're nothing but a sister."

"Ladies don't start fights. But they sure can finish them!"

"Why, you're never gonna believe this but it sounds like a one wheeled haystack!"

"'Cause I outrank you, that's why."

"You can be replaced ya know."

"Why they're black.... ah, now how would i know that?"

"more like marinated."

"do we have to waddle like them the whole way?"

"last one upstairs is a nincompoop."

"wait a minute. I'm the leader. I'll say when it's the end."

Clearly, my favorite character is Napoleon, the dog. The leader dog. Not to be confused with Lafayette, who is not the leader and does not get to decide things.
Yesterday, Saryn and I text quoted this movie like the entire day. it's fine.

and, i've decided i'm going to begin saying, I'm the leader. I'll decide. before everything.