Thursday, February 3, 2011

a hobby in my life.

I have many hobbies.

Most are unusual.
And lately, I've discovered a new one.
I like to call it, SURPRISE TAPING.

Here's what you do.
Get some tape.
Find someone to surprise tape.
Then, tape them either together, or to an object.

Today, I got Ashley.
There we were, taping in spirit team.
I lunged, and her being stunned, I was able to wrap the tape around her arms.
All she could do was squirm and yell, cut me out!
so great.

To read of her experience with surprise taping, click here.

Go ahead, try it.
You'll like it. Promise.

*we were going to tape Jan to something, perhaps the wall, but we decided against it because, let's be real. She could kick all of our butts. And would probably use some... colorful language.