Sunday, February 13, 2011

"life is hard."

A quote from my nephew, Sam.
He also says that first grade is the worst.

To tell you the truth, this week has been hard.
One of the weeks where breakdowns are completely necessary and sleeping instead of school is great.
I've been missing my brother so much this week. Sometimes at random moments, a lonely feeling comes over me and I can't help but sob on my floor because I miss him so much.

School is the worst. I can't handle going, ever. Each time I go in, I feel awful. I can't explain it, but i hate it so much.

It doesn't help my hating school when I just want to live in provo. These weekends that I spent with them have been amazing, and it's almost like I go through W4 withdrawals whenever I leave. I love everything about provo.
I love that the market is down the street, and that star and I cuddle on the way there.
I love that none of us are dramatic ;)
I love mens' volleyball games.
everything. i'm obsessed. you can tell because i drive there and back about 4 times a weekend.

also, I'm feeling a little stressed.


Kendra Haynie said...

BAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! We love you and think that you moving to Provo is a GREAT idea! :) I love you, and also, I have Cai-Hay withdrawals.