Sunday, February 27, 2011


remember the midnight dance parties?

remember when sometimes he sat on me and farted?
remember when i walked into the room and nearly died?
remember to take pepto and go back to school.
remember the truck that broke down every other day?
remember how he has enough Oakley shirts to last him a month?
remember the well thought out sweet 16 present?
remember borrowing cars?
remember that one time he tried to teach me to drive a stick?
remember when we rode in the canyon on our scooters?
remember when we found out that cool trick?
remember when he came home with his head bleeding and he asked me to super glue it?
remember singing tswift?
remember how if you can't put it up then you can't drive it?
remember the gummy worms and taffy?
remember the snowmobile that sometimes worked?
remember patrish and melmen?
remember the USS quest?
remember the smooth criminal?
remember the drop off?
remember one of the most awful days of my life?
remember what the old man said?
"this girl must really like you."
"she's my little sister."

man, i miss him so much.