Wednesday, March 30, 2011

oh hello beautiful.

i imagine meeting my future husband will go something like so.
this makes me swoon.
watch it here

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amanda, answered.

My dear Amanda. I would love to read your blog, please comment with the address so I may stalk you.

My brother, Jaden, is serving in the Ventura, California mission, and currently resides in Tehachapi. (te-hatch-a-pee)
He gets home summer 2012. He's been gone a year on june 9th.
As for taken, missionaries aren't supposed to date. I'm 99% sure that's against the rules. So i guess you could say he's up for grabs. But you'll have to wait a year and 2 1/2 months.
Favorite memories. I could dedicate an entire blog to memories about him.
For now, I'll write some things I miss most, and direct you to other posts of memories.

I miss how he used to call me Patrish.
Once, I had redish hair and it reminded him of an old lunch lady he had in junior high, so I was named Patrish.

He used to call me Melman, or perhaps it was Melvin.
I have no clue why, it just happened.

We often had dance offs late at night. I would be getting ready for bed and listening to music, and we would have dance offs in the hallway between our bedrooms.

Those are just some of the things that I miss most now that he's gone.

Some other blog posts of my amazing older brother, Jaden are here:

so. there they are.
I love that kid so much.

Blogged & asked.

Not quite as catchy as twit & ask.

But you know how much I love ellen and am slightly obsessed.

here i had 2 requests. one was if anyone has questions for me, to please ask. so, here I am. answering. also, i enjoy stalking mutual stalkers.
though, you all fail at asking questions. only 4 asked. i'm disappointed. (motherly frown and shake of the index finger.) i still like you guys as people.

i'll do individual posts for the different people.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

good thing he meant it in a non creepy way, or else i would've been creeped out.

The other sunday, I was chatting in church after sacrament when suddenly i feel a hand on my arm, and a face near mine.

The face said "don't take this in a creepy way, but your butt looks real nice in that skirt."
I turn, frightened, to see Todd Bean staring at me.
Oh why thanks Todd Bean.
I then said, "how am I not supposed to take that in a a creepy way todd?!"
"because it's me" he says. "Feel free to blog about this. You just look really nice today is all I'm saying."

So, Todd Bean. Thanks I guess?
p.s. you kill me and i may have nearly peed my pants of laughter.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


is the current time and i still have 3 papers to write.

and attendance school bright and early tomorrow morn.
sleep is so unnecessary.

Monday, March 21, 2011

2 requests.

since all i do is work, i have nothing to blog about.
well unless you wanted to hear about my attendance schools, or how sometimes I get real ill.
or perhaps how CaLea and I facebook chat at 11:00 at night.
probably not though.

my 2 requests.

1) lately, my followers have gone up. I have to ask, will you comment and tell me how you found 'a glimpse' and your blog so I may stalk you too? I'm always looking for new friends.

2) questions. do you have any for me?
if not, i will be forced to tell you about how much i love attendance school.
so, ask me anything and i will answer it.

for this to work, you must comment.
go now.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

because allowing me one thing would be too much.

Work takes over everything in my life.

Almost every aspect of my life has been taken over, excluding a couple.
1 of those things would be dance.
about 3 or 4 years ago, i started dancing again. I danced when I was like 3, but quit when my best friend moved. but, i've always loved to dance.
even when dancing, i took as many dance classes at school as i could.
i started first with jazz and lyrical.
it wasn't the greatest, but now i'm glad to have done it.
the next year, they started a hip hop class.
from the start, i was obsessed. ( and that is putting it lightly)
I'd finally found my niche. and, i wasn't too shabby at it.
the next year, i BEGGED my parents to let me try out for competition team.
they finally gave in, after we agreed i'd work at the studio to earn my money.
I tried out, and made it.
It was one of the greatest days of my life. I remember jumping up and down in utter excitement, and frantically calling people.
That year I had so much fun.
When you're on that stage, nailing a performance, I can't explain the feeling except euphoria.
Amazing, really. I love performing the dances. I love the hair, the makeup, the costumes, the bright lights, the loud music, and knowing you just nailed a routine.
The fact that I got to perform almost every month was a perk to all the fun I was having.
This year, I decided against competition but still danced.
That is, until today.
Today, I quit.
I took a deep breathe, and walked inside to tell Janet.
I just work too much and don't have time in my crazy schedule for dance.
So, just because it can, work has taken over yet another aspect of my life.
and this time, I feel awful.
I miss it already.

go ahead.

ask if i've done 1 problem on my math.
nope, i've been blog stalking.

ask if we're currently watching college football in math.
yes. sometimes i look up and it's on.
i should really pay attention to what's going on around me.

mr viking tonight.
so psyched.

attendance school is the bomb.
oh wait.

Monday, March 14, 2011

she's a gold digger, just thought you should know brother.

oh hey.
remember me?
probably not.
i've fallen right off the face of the earth and landed at copy smack and seagull book. who even knew they were off the face of the earth?
(especially with attractive teenage boys. i swear that i work at THE most attractive man repellent places ever, which only adds to the beauty of working so often. psych.)
my life described in one word would be, outta control (if you just began singing outta control by baby bash, let's be best friends.)
each day goes as so,
attendance school (well starting tomorrow because i've been avoiding it)
copy smaaack
dinner at 10:30
homework (lets be real. i don't do homework. i read.)

i know, i live a super glamorous life and you are all jealous.

with this new job, i've been learning lots of things.
work related things, computers and such, but also life lessons that you should all know.
1) sticky notes are your best friend. keep them everywhere and constantly stick them to things so your remember.
2) aprons are the BOMB. (once, i found this out at the trek) seriously. they hold everything. kinda like a more socially acceptable fanny pack
3) sometimes it's ok to read 3 books in a week while avoiding homework.

if you feel the need to see this cute face, or buy or book, or perhaps make some copies of your life story.
come visit me at work(s).

(p.s. currently the song 'forget you' by cee lo green is constantly playing. hence, the title)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

& your heels so high you can't even have a good time.

Seems like everybody's got a price,
I wonder how they sleep at night.

Got your shades on your eyes
And your heels so high
That you can't even have a good time

It's not about the money, money, money

Forget about the Price Tag

Ain't about the (uh) Cha-Ching Cha-Ching.
Aint about the (yeah) Ba-Bling Ba-Bling

Why is everybody so obsessed
Money can't buy us happiness

Can we all slow down and enjoy right now
Guarantee we'll be feeling Alright.

Its like this man, you can't put a price on the life

some exerts from 'price tag' be jessie j ft. B.O.B (ever noticed it spells bob?)

working 2 jobs is killing not only me, but my social life also.
friday, 4-6 at Copy Smack, then 6:30-9:30 at Seagull.
saturday 11-5 at Copy Smack, then 5:30-9:30 at Seagull
Sometimes it's real hard to 'slow down and enjoy right now' when all you do is work at homework.
I'm sick of writing papers & the gloomy cloud of attendance school hanging over my head.
but it will all be worth it when i get those big, fat paychecks, right?
lately, i'm not so sure it will be.
because, Money can't buy us happiness.

Monday, March 7, 2011

did you know

that itunes has 69 cent songs?!

feel free to jump for joy, now.

also, ever noticed how i begin a sentence in the title, then finish it in the first sentence.
my titles are never creative.
i'll work on.
just watch, they will be real weird and not have anything to do with my post.

oh, am i supposed to be doing my environmental science paper right now?
am i?
clearly not, i'm here listening to JB and blogging.

currently loving this.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


MARCH 1, 2011

well. i think the time has come for me to write about a lovely day i like to call my birfday.

I woke up when about 10.
1. because who even goes to school?
2. my birthday was the day dreaded by juniors around the district, ACT day. why we were taking the ACT, no one knows. but i knew i sure i was not.
besides, i am 98% sure there is a rule against taking the ACT on your birfday. google it.
then, i watched my favorite talk show, ELLEN.
after i was caught up on my ellen, i decided showering was necessary.
Lunch with Robbs at Taco.
man, i love her. (P.S. happy bday robbs. 3/7)
then, i went to go sign some papers for my new jobbbb. yes. a new one. well, another one. 2nd job. i'll blog about it sometime.
after, my mom and I (my father was out of town on business) went shopping.
we were in search for appropriate work clothes for my new job. and we found some adorable high wasted black slacks. yesss.
then, because i had a coupon, and it's tragic if you waste a good coupon, we went to texas roadhouse.
where i got to sit on a saddle where everyone yelled yeehaw at me.
man, i love texas roadhouse.
after, we went and got my nails done.
(nails plus by shopko in orem. check it out. they do a real nice job.)
then, we proceeded home to watch 'life as we know it'
all in all, a really great day.

thank you for all the birthday wishes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I'll post about my splendid 17th birthday.

but for now, i've still got 3 and a half hours to us the 'but it's my birthday' excuse.
pardon me while i enjoy it.

*if you read pardon me then immediately started singing he is we, let's be friends.