Monday, March 21, 2011

2 requests.

since all i do is work, i have nothing to blog about.
well unless you wanted to hear about my attendance schools, or how sometimes I get real ill.
or perhaps how CaLea and I facebook chat at 11:00 at night.
probably not though.

my 2 requests.

1) lately, my followers have gone up. I have to ask, will you comment and tell me how you found 'a glimpse' and your blog so I may stalk you too? I'm always looking for new friends.

2) questions. do you have any for me?
if not, i will be forced to tell you about how much i love attendance school.
so, ask me anything and i will answer it.

for this to work, you must comment.
go now.


Amanda said...

You talk an awful lot about your brother on a mission. Where is he serving? When does he get home? Is he taken? ;) What's your favorite memory(ies) with him? Ect.

Also, I find you to be very hilarious. Sorry about the two jobs thing and school. Sounds like a "no social life" to me. We should have a blog stalker tea party. Farewell, dear friend.

Katie said...

K... here are a few questions...

Since I'm obviously your favorite 2nd cousin/sister... What is it about me that you love the most (on the inside)? Outside? Favorite memory of us? Ever dream about me? What was it? Quality you most admire?... obviously humility is out! Dream vacation for the two of us to take? Piece of my clothing you love the most? Your vision for my dream wedding?

... Is that enough questions for ya?!?

:) Loves!

lissa kate said...

found you through megan abel i believe.

i'm also a dancer. where have you danced?
also, i believe you already stalk me.
which makes me real happy.

Kenlynn said...

dear nudist,
my name is kenlynn. my blog is stalk me if you will. probably I will put plans for the colony up sometime. peace and blessings.

Charlotte said...
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Kate said...

caaaaailey. I found you through . . . syd's blog? yes? yes. indeed.

My blog?

Love the blog, your posts make me laugh. If I had a question, I would ask. But little ol' me is brain dead.

court said...

i found your blog through megan able. my blog is

i guess someone has already pretty much asked this but where did you dance?

Rachel said...

Honestly, I can't remember where I found your blog. I know it was through someone else's blog I happen to be stalking. I stalk alot of blogs. It's fine.
My blog is

Also, your blog is lovely.