Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amanda, answered.

My dear Amanda. I would love to read your blog, please comment with the address so I may stalk you.

My brother, Jaden, is serving in the Ventura, California mission, and currently resides in Tehachapi. (te-hatch-a-pee)
He gets home summer 2012. He's been gone a year on june 9th.
As for taken, missionaries aren't supposed to date. I'm 99% sure that's against the rules. So i guess you could say he's up for grabs. But you'll have to wait a year and 2 1/2 months.
Favorite memories. I could dedicate an entire blog to memories about him.
For now, I'll write some things I miss most, and direct you to other posts of memories.

I miss how he used to call me Patrish.
Once, I had redish hair and it reminded him of an old lunch lady he had in junior high, so I was named Patrish.

He used to call me Melman, or perhaps it was Melvin.
I have no clue why, it just happened.

We often had dance offs late at night. I would be getting ready for bed and listening to music, and we would have dance offs in the hallway between our bedrooms.

Those are just some of the things that I miss most now that he's gone.

Some other blog posts of my amazing older brother, Jaden are here:

so. there they are.
I love that kid so much.


melia said...

your brother is hilarious. and everytime i saw him, without a doubt, he had a bag of sour gummy worms or some type of candy with him.

caihay said...

dear melia.
haha it's very true. don't worry, i am the exact same way. for some odd reason, I've LOVED sour gummy worms lately. we both love walkers. hahaha.