Sunday, March 6, 2011


MARCH 1, 2011

well. i think the time has come for me to write about a lovely day i like to call my birfday.

I woke up when about 10.
1. because who even goes to school?
2. my birthday was the day dreaded by juniors around the district, ACT day. why we were taking the ACT, no one knows. but i knew i sure i was not.
besides, i am 98% sure there is a rule against taking the ACT on your birfday. google it.
then, i watched my favorite talk show, ELLEN.
after i was caught up on my ellen, i decided showering was necessary.
Lunch with Robbs at Taco.
man, i love her. (P.S. happy bday robbs. 3/7)
then, i went to go sign some papers for my new jobbbb. yes. a new one. well, another one. 2nd job. i'll blog about it sometime.
after, my mom and I (my father was out of town on business) went shopping.
we were in search for appropriate work clothes for my new job. and we found some adorable high wasted black slacks. yesss.
then, because i had a coupon, and it's tragic if you waste a good coupon, we went to texas roadhouse.
where i got to sit on a saddle where everyone yelled yeehaw at me.
man, i love texas roadhouse.
after, we went and got my nails done.
(nails plus by shopko in orem. check it out. they do a real nice job.)
then, we proceeded home to watch 'life as we know it'
all in all, a really great day.

thank you for all the birthday wishes.