Sunday, March 27, 2011

good thing he meant it in a non creepy way, or else i would've been creeped out.

The other sunday, I was chatting in church after sacrament when suddenly i feel a hand on my arm, and a face near mine.

The face said "don't take this in a creepy way, but your butt looks real nice in that skirt."
I turn, frightened, to see Todd Bean staring at me.
Oh why thanks Todd Bean.
I then said, "how am I not supposed to take that in a a creepy way todd?!"
"because it's me" he says. "Feel free to blog about this. You just look really nice today is all I'm saying."

So, Todd Bean. Thanks I guess?
p.s. you kill me and i may have nearly peed my pants of laughter.


Caitlin Flake said...

HAHA......this made my day. I find your blog utterly amazing. I wish I was a dancer so I could have a nice butt as well:)

caihay said...

why thank you.
actually, i have a naturally GHETTO booty. like black woman status. it's huge.

Caitlin Flake said...

booties are good....I need one. haha.

carlee ellen said...

ahahah. i sure would take that in a creepy way from anyone besides my boyfriend or husband. BLEH. ahah thats freakin funny though:) and the fact that he said "feel free to blog about this." that makes the story THAT MUCH BETTER. love it.

p.s. you were awarded:)