Monday, March 14, 2011

she's a gold digger, just thought you should know brother.

oh hey.
remember me?
probably not.
i've fallen right off the face of the earth and landed at copy smack and seagull book. who even knew they were off the face of the earth?
(especially with attractive teenage boys. i swear that i work at THE most attractive man repellent places ever, which only adds to the beauty of working so often. psych.)
my life described in one word would be, outta control (if you just began singing outta control by baby bash, let's be best friends.)
each day goes as so,
attendance school (well starting tomorrow because i've been avoiding it)
copy smaaack
dinner at 10:30
homework (lets be real. i don't do homework. i read.)

i know, i live a super glamorous life and you are all jealous.

with this new job, i've been learning lots of things.
work related things, computers and such, but also life lessons that you should all know.
1) sticky notes are your best friend. keep them everywhere and constantly stick them to things so your remember.
2) aprons are the BOMB. (once, i found this out at the trek) seriously. they hold everything. kinda like a more socially acceptable fanny pack
3) sometimes it's ok to read 3 books in a week while avoiding homework.

if you feel the need to see this cute face, or buy or book, or perhaps make some copies of your life story.
come visit me at work(s).

(p.s. currently the song 'forget you' by cee lo green is constantly playing. hence, the title)


mardiiiii said...

outta control is 2 words.
just p.s.
no no, it's okay womann.
i'll come visit you at work sometimes.
and bring you, something....good.

sydnee said...

so i read this post.
and thought to myself i love cailey haynie.
then when i was driving home from school,
forget you came on.
and i thought of you.
and how cool you are,
just thought i'd let you know.