Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Alfred Lewis Haynie
april 26th 2011
6 pounds 6 ounces
20 inches.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

a sunday story.

once, my friend and i were hanging out upstairs when Jaden walks up.
he stands at the top of the stairs with a huge gash in his forehead.
then, he proceeds to ask me to super glue it for him!
no. i will not super glue that huge gash in your head. you need stitches.
i frantically called my mom at work. when she didnt' answer i left a voicemail proclaiming that jaden needed stitches.
my mom rushes home and takes him to the doctor.
later that night, he smirks and says the doctor super glued it and that we should have just done it at home.
he still has a scar on his forehead where it was super glued.

happy easter.

lately i feel like
a) my blog is boring with a side of zzzzzz.
b) i've got nothing to write about.

but i do have one story.
this one time, i threw up a whole lot.
then i went to the doctors and my rib was out of place, and had to be popped right back in there.
it consisted of the doctor basically just squishing (i love the word squishing. squished. squishy.) me until he felt it was back in place.
k cool.
also, this one time ( on the very same day) i barfed in the school bathroom.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Holly for short.

Over spring break, we went to California to pick up my new car. She's a beaut.

1994 geo prism.
1 owner.
95,000 miles
stick shift.
clean interior
oatmeal colored.

she's real great, and i enjoy driving her.
let's be real here, driving a stick is much more fun than just regular driving.

she's got a california license plate and for just a minute, i can pretend i'm from california.

I must wonder if anyone has ever even sat in the backseat.
it doesn't look like it.
it looks basically brand new.

sometime. i'll post pictures.
maybe. maybe not.

i heart hollywood.
it even says so on my lanyard.

to the left. to the left. everything you own in a box to the left.

a blog post about nothing in particular because no one is at copy smack and i'm bored.

last night, after work, cate and i went to cafe rio (costa is better. cate lies)
then, we picked up hillary and went tanning.
don't judge me. sometimes i like to go tanning.
i haven't been for like year, and probably won't go until i get pasty white again next year.

also, they laugh when i drive my stick car, and cate screams because she thinks i won't stop.
i'm a great driver.

it's coming.

make it or break it is intense! i can't wait for next week.

i wish i was in mexico like my cousins are currently.
i miss mexico.
especially mexico trip of may 2010.
best mexico trip EVER.

homie, homeslice.
my new favorite words.

sometimes, i'm real ill.

Monday, April 18, 2011

the best part of spring break, and one of the greatest moments of my life.

Let's be real here.
I'm real creepy.
Super creepy.
It happens.
It can't be helped, it came upon when i was a child.
Naturally, i had to stalk and find their address. THE address.
and I did.

It all began, about 2 years ago when my best friend Mickell, and I planned a vacation to the sunny state of california, to stalk the fantasy factory.
My mom wouldn't have it, and i was CRUSHED.

When I saw the opportunity, I took it with full stride.
I did some of my creeper work, and got it.
with it memorized, we took of for spring break.
The night before we left, I realized we had yet to fulfill the most important task.
with the help of our GPS, Francis. (or as saryn calls her, samantha.)
we found it.
we FOUND it.
the fantasy factory.
I stood outside it.
I saw those blue gates, and the works, Dyrdek incorporated on the building.

I peeked in those famous blue gates (which aren't electric, though for some reason i thought they might be.)
and you'll never guess what I saw.
Their surburban. THE surburban.
The one they take everywhere. The one that Drama drives all the time.
I saw it. With my own 2 eyes.

Tragically, that very day while driving around hollywood in a double decker bus, my camera died.
So. these crappy photos are from my dad's cell phone.
but, they are still proof.
I was there.
check it, homie.

Friday, April 8, 2011

i wonder if this is against my religion?

so, I kinda want one of these shirts.
do you think it's against my religion to wear a shirt implying you're in a cult?

Extreme Couponing.

I may just be slightly obsessed with this new TLC show.
watch it, it makes you seem a little less crazy.

this one time, i got a prize.

Best dancer.

the other night for young womens we went to the developmental center. I have always LOVED going there, but this wednesday was especially great. I had such a great time dancing, and hanging out with my leaders.

*I don't know what it is but each year I end up with the leaders and none of the young women. this year i played with robbs and close. i was only near leaders.
i supposed they think i'm a leader who dresses like a teen.


I'm a fan of Katy.
I particularly enjoy E.T.

Today (friday, april 8th) marks the last school day until spring break.
i should be sighing with relief but it will have to wait until wednesday when the anxiously awaited vegas trip comes upon me.
The 'rents and I are hitting up vegas, doing some shopping, and going to L.A. where i intend to stalk some celebrities.
tragically, NONE of my friends are able to go to vegas with us on this special occasion. they all have their own plans. we're still awaiting one answer, and i'm praying it'll work out.

spring break is sure to bring,
-celeb stalking
-car rides
-no work
i simply cannot wait.

this week has been filled with
illness. sleep. school. work. new songs. power points. reading. sunshine. snow. extreme couponing. setups. tests. paper chains to mark the end of school. baby dustin. developmental center. prizes. dancing. 2 days of young and reckless. canadians. the BK. good friends. annoyance. letters. pictures. and the thought of spring break so soon.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

i've been in a rut, back and forth enough, heart like a wheel.

Have you ever been so bored with your life?

I feel like nothing ever changes.
Everything is so predictable.

Each morning, I listen to the same playlist and do everything in the same order.
Then, i'm always late for first period.
I eat lunch with my best friend everyday.
After school i either watch ellen or take a nap.
Then, i work at copy tec.
I change in the bathroom, and go to seagull.
After seagull, i eat dinner alone.
Then I watch T.V. or read.
I write it my journal and get ready for bed.
The next morning, it begins all over.

i'm constantly tired, and never feel good.
my hair is always the same style, and has been the same color for quite sometime.
my clothes consist of jeans and a tee or sweatshirt.
i wear the same rings, and the same earrings.
the same music is on the radio.
each sunday i write my brother, and each saturday i work all day.

everything in my life is so tedious, i feel like i'm in a rut.
does anyone know how to help me?

katie, my girl.

Oh Katie.

I love your plethera of questions.
here goes:

inside: you are so kind and loving. ( not to mention quite comical and when we get together..... oh heavens.)
outside: everything.
favorite memory: dancing in my room, late night talks

I don't even think i can answer all those questions, so i'll just tell you how i feel.

katie i miss you like crazy and wish we lived closer.
when we get together it's as if 12 year olds inhabit our bodies.
remember david and ryan?
also, without love.
everytime you come to visit, i have a blast.
i love you so much katie, and i'm so glad you came and lived with us, because that 2 years. (hahaha kidding.) was so much fun.