Monday, April 18, 2011

the best part of spring break, and one of the greatest moments of my life.

Let's be real here.
I'm real creepy.
Super creepy.
It happens.
It can't be helped, it came upon when i was a child.
Naturally, i had to stalk and find their address. THE address.
and I did.

It all began, about 2 years ago when my best friend Mickell, and I planned a vacation to the sunny state of california, to stalk the fantasy factory.
My mom wouldn't have it, and i was CRUSHED.

When I saw the opportunity, I took it with full stride.
I did some of my creeper work, and got it.
with it memorized, we took of for spring break.
The night before we left, I realized we had yet to fulfill the most important task.
with the help of our GPS, Francis. (or as saryn calls her, samantha.)
we found it.
we FOUND it.
the fantasy factory.
I stood outside it.
I saw those blue gates, and the works, Dyrdek incorporated on the building.

I peeked in those famous blue gates (which aren't electric, though for some reason i thought they might be.)
and you'll never guess what I saw.
Their surburban. THE surburban.
The one they take everywhere. The one that Drama drives all the time.
I saw it. With my own 2 eyes.

Tragically, that very day while driving around hollywood in a double decker bus, my camera died.
So. these crappy photos are from my dad's cell phone.
but, they are still proof.
I was there.
check it, homie.


Megan said...

jealous much? yes. yes I am.

Gary said...
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mardiiiii said...

you have no idea how incredibly jealous i am.
aaaah. my favoritest how ever.

lisa said...

haha you are so. cool.

Megs said...

wow. I'm so jealous. Let's be friends