Friday, April 8, 2011


I'm a fan of Katy.
I particularly enjoy E.T.

Today (friday, april 8th) marks the last school day until spring break.
i should be sighing with relief but it will have to wait until wednesday when the anxiously awaited vegas trip comes upon me.
The 'rents and I are hitting up vegas, doing some shopping, and going to L.A. where i intend to stalk some celebrities.
tragically, NONE of my friends are able to go to vegas with us on this special occasion. they all have their own plans. we're still awaiting one answer, and i'm praying it'll work out.

spring break is sure to bring,
-celeb stalking
-car rides
-no work
i simply cannot wait.

this week has been filled with
illness. sleep. school. work. new songs. power points. reading. sunshine. snow. extreme couponing. setups. tests. paper chains to mark the end of school. baby dustin. developmental center. prizes. dancing. 2 days of young and reckless. canadians. the BK. good friends. annoyance. letters. pictures. and the thought of spring break so soon.


jalissa said...

so i am in love with your blog, just sayin...
you are a very creative gal. i like it and so you know, i stalk you so feel like a celeb! (;