Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Holly for short.

Over spring break, we went to California to pick up my new car. She's a beaut.

1994 geo prism.
1 owner.
95,000 miles
stick shift.
clean interior
oatmeal colored.

she's real great, and i enjoy driving her.
let's be real here, driving a stick is much more fun than just regular driving.

she's got a california license plate and for just a minute, i can pretend i'm from california.

I must wonder if anyone has ever even sat in the backseat.
it doesn't look like it.
it looks basically brand new.

sometime. i'll post pictures.
maybe. maybe not.

i heart hollywood.
it even says so on my lanyard.


Carrie said...

dude i had a geo prism and it was the most loyal friend i had.

drive it with pride.

sydnee said...

driving stick is the shiz.