Sunday, April 3, 2011

i've been in a rut, back and forth enough, heart like a wheel.

Have you ever been so bored with your life?

I feel like nothing ever changes.
Everything is so predictable.

Each morning, I listen to the same playlist and do everything in the same order.
Then, i'm always late for first period.
I eat lunch with my best friend everyday.
After school i either watch ellen or take a nap.
Then, i work at copy tec.
I change in the bathroom, and go to seagull.
After seagull, i eat dinner alone.
Then I watch T.V. or read.
I write it my journal and get ready for bed.
The next morning, it begins all over.

i'm constantly tired, and never feel good.
my hair is always the same style, and has been the same color for quite sometime.
my clothes consist of jeans and a tee or sweatshirt.
i wear the same rings, and the same earrings.
the same music is on the radio.
each sunday i write my brother, and each saturday i work all day.

everything in my life is so tedious, i feel like i'm in a rut.
does anyone know how to help me?


olivia said...

I do recognize the song the title is referring to.
the whole album is currently in my itunes.

when I'm in a rut, I sleep on the other side of my bed.
I will put my pillows down where my feet normally go and change the covers so it's upside down.

apparently it's a stress reliever.
I think it's fun.

kirsten. said...

be spontaneous.
drive a different way to work and pick up courtesy cones on they way. courtesy cones are splendid.

also, change your name at work. with every customer tell them a different name.

real fun.

mardiiiii said...

how about you can come hang out with me?
that will make it different.
you crack me up.

lissa kate said...

re-arrange your bedroom.
buy something that you've always wanted. (in your price rainge, of course)*i bought a ukelele, and will never regret it.
do your best to make a new friend in a strange place.
make something. clothing, pillow, art, etc.
and of course, blog about it all, just so i can stalk you some more.