Sunday, April 3, 2011

katie, my girl.

Oh Katie.

I love your plethera of questions.
here goes:

inside: you are so kind and loving. ( not to mention quite comical and when we get together..... oh heavens.)
outside: everything.
favorite memory: dancing in my room, late night talks

I don't even think i can answer all those questions, so i'll just tell you how i feel.

katie i miss you like crazy and wish we lived closer.
when we get together it's as if 12 year olds inhabit our bodies.
remember david and ryan?
also, without love.
everytime you come to visit, i have a blast.
i love you so much katie, and i'm so glad you came and lived with us, because that 2 years. (hahaha kidding.) was so much fun.


Katie said...

Ummm... just discovered this amazing post dedicated to me... and thought I'd tell you how much I love it... and mostly, how much I love you!!!

The 4 years we lived together were the best of my life! Even if we acted like little girls and didn't get sleep! I miss you and can't wait to see you again soon!

Loves! -Katie