Wednesday, April 20, 2011

to the left. to the left. everything you own in a box to the left.

a blog post about nothing in particular because no one is at copy smack and i'm bored.

last night, after work, cate and i went to cafe rio (costa is better. cate lies)
then, we picked up hillary and went tanning.
don't judge me. sometimes i like to go tanning.
i haven't been for like year, and probably won't go until i get pasty white again next year.

also, they laugh when i drive my stick car, and cate screams because she thinks i won't stop.
i'm a great driver.

it's coming.

make it or break it is intense! i can't wait for next week.

i wish i was in mexico like my cousins are currently.
i miss mexico.
especially mexico trip of may 2010.
best mexico trip EVER.

homie, homeslice.
my new favorite words.

sometimes, i'm real ill.


melia said...

costa vida is so much better than cafe rio. they are not the same!

Kenlynn said...

What about the Mexico trip in June of 2010? I'm a little offended.