Monday, May 30, 2011

oh why hello.

I'm back from st george.
i've got a nice tan, some burnt skin, 7 best friends, and a memories that will last forever.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

class of 2011.

oh how i wish i was one of them.

summer is nearly here, and i've been waiting since school started for this exact week.
but now that it's come, i wish i could go back.
friday brings st george and a junior-senior trip to remember.
but then what?
I'll probably be sobbing uncontrollably.
all of my friends will be gone at the end of the summer.
and then what?
high school, that's what. I'll still be in the dreaded place, but with a lot less friends.

shout out to all my graduating best friends.
i love you.
don't forget me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


school days: 3
st george: 2
paul mitchell: 2 months and 2 days
mission countdown: 1 year and 2 weeks

Monday, May 23, 2011

well this is not acceptable in the least.

is anyone else sickened by this?
see article here.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Morp Post.
You should've seen in coming.

Saturday, May 14th involved,
-best friend dates for the first time.
-inevitable awkwardness
-endless cracks about my driving
- nearly popping my tires
-attending the zoo
-laughing until i cried
-megan being escorted away from the birds (but only by evan)
-overly large hair, and a bow
-lime green mini skirts and my kindergarten shirt
-too much makeup and awkward half button up shirts
-eating contest at pizza pie cafe
-laughing until i couldn't breathe
-dancing like a maniac
-steal the flag in allreds ace hardware, in the dark (you can all be jealous. dopest thing ever.)
-scared out of my mind, holding hands with ashley. marco, polo.
-when i'm frightened, i tend to hit, or kick. those things combined with dark games=not good
-how was i the one who always ran into something?
-bun on top of my head, complete with smeared eyeliner makes for a great look
-getting stuck in road construction. literally.
-nearly dying while driving backwards
-my date getting out to move a caution cone
-awkward door step scenes
-chatting with my best frannns.

morp was the bomb, let's be real.

guess what i did today?

painted my new room.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

karmin music.

on youtube.
so dope.
i LOVE her hair tutorials.
i'm obsessed with this song.
also, i wish i could rap like her.

lyshk got a blog!

oh hey, guess what?
my best friend alyssa allred
(lyshka to those select few... well just me actually)
got a blog.
check it out, homie.

because i laugh

i'm done. so very done. well, in two weeks.

I've quit.
i hate that stupid place.
it causes me pain, and i'm sure gave me ulcers.
my 2 weeks notice is in, and we can all do a happy dance.

Friday, May 6, 2011

you wanna know what i think?

well here it is.
straight up.
lately, people bug.
so, here i am, telling you how i feel.

dear girl.
don't be a baby.
don't act like you were bullied because you weren't.
i hope these new rules bring change because i'm done.

why hello again.
don't pretend we're friends because we're not.
i can see right through that big smile of yours.
stop it.

oh honey.
sometimes when you're near i think 'this has got to be a joke.'
i don't understand it and suppose i never will.
but i don't like it, i know that much.

add it to the list.
please, just grow up already.
i'm sick of you and your childish ways.

i used to enjoy this?
now, i see you're a joke.
everything about you.
i'm so done with you, though i can't seem to leave.

hey, you.
why do you tell me on thing and turn around and say another?
i'm sick of your two-faced.
make up your mind.

hey you, you're supposed to teach us.
hence the term, teacher.
how bout we do something productive.
i should've listened to my brother. let this be a lesson.

sometimes, people are a joke and i just cannot handle them, unless they want a good punch right in the noggin.
i apologize for this... angry? emotion-filled? out of control? post.
it happens.

p.s. don't you hate when you miss cinco de mayo 5$ sells? i do.
my favorite brand (young and reckless) had a 5$ sell on cinco de mayo.
guess who missed it?
yup. me.

i think most my frustrations are out now.