Monday, May 16, 2011


Morp Post.
You should've seen in coming.

Saturday, May 14th involved,
-best friend dates for the first time.
-inevitable awkwardness
-endless cracks about my driving
- nearly popping my tires
-attending the zoo
-laughing until i cried
-megan being escorted away from the birds (but only by evan)
-overly large hair, and a bow
-lime green mini skirts and my kindergarten shirt
-too much makeup and awkward half button up shirts
-eating contest at pizza pie cafe
-laughing until i couldn't breathe
-dancing like a maniac
-steal the flag in allreds ace hardware, in the dark (you can all be jealous. dopest thing ever.)
-scared out of my mind, holding hands with ashley. marco, polo.
-when i'm frightened, i tend to hit, or kick. those things combined with dark games=not good
-how was i the one who always ran into something?
-bun on top of my head, complete with smeared eyeliner makes for a great look
-getting stuck in road construction. literally.
-nearly dying while driving backwards
-my date getting out to move a caution cone
-awkward door step scenes
-chatting with my best frannns.

morp was the bomb, let's be real.


Jared and Keri said...

I'm so glad you had fun! I saw your picture. Great outfit!

loveavenue said...

you have a lovely blog! :)