Friday, May 6, 2011

you wanna know what i think?

well here it is.
straight up.
lately, people bug.
so, here i am, telling you how i feel.

dear girl.
don't be a baby.
don't act like you were bullied because you weren't.
i hope these new rules bring change because i'm done.

why hello again.
don't pretend we're friends because we're not.
i can see right through that big smile of yours.
stop it.

oh honey.
sometimes when you're near i think 'this has got to be a joke.'
i don't understand it and suppose i never will.
but i don't like it, i know that much.

add it to the list.
please, just grow up already.
i'm sick of you and your childish ways.

i used to enjoy this?
now, i see you're a joke.
everything about you.
i'm so done with you, though i can't seem to leave.

hey, you.
why do you tell me on thing and turn around and say another?
i'm sick of your two-faced.
make up your mind.

hey you, you're supposed to teach us.
hence the term, teacher.
how bout we do something productive.
i should've listened to my brother. let this be a lesson.

sometimes, people are a joke and i just cannot handle them, unless they want a good punch right in the noggin.
i apologize for this... angry? emotion-filled? out of control? post.
it happens.

p.s. don't you hate when you miss cinco de mayo 5$ sells? i do.
my favorite brand (young and reckless) had a 5$ sell on cinco de mayo.
guess who missed it?
yup. me.

i think most my frustrations are out now.


mardiiiii said...

gurl, i love you.
i hope one of these comments was not directed at me.
be happy friend.

CaLea said...

For the record, there's no need to apologize for a post such ad this. You're merely releasing frustrations in a nameless manner. I do it a lot. As far as I'm concerned, it's completely normal.

You are cool, don't fret.

lisa said...

i know what will do the trick..

baby biebs night??

Anonymous said...

i think you mean 'sale'.
not sell.....just sayin'.