Monday, June 27, 2011

this is hilarious.

i've decided to be the bigger person.

jo and i decided that if justin bieber can't date me, selena gomez is the next best thing.

so uh, see ya later.

I'm heading out to girls camp tomorrow.

i'm super excited.
i got some nice (ugly mens) sandals, and a cute (nerdy) watch.
i cannot wait.

pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me! pick me!

my favorite part begins at 2:18 and ends at 2:24
you'll pee.
i did.

also, jo and i are watching the movie again tonight. wanna join? text me.

look at me now, ohhhhh.

remember when i showed you karmin?
(by the way, the summer goal of rapping it is coming along nicely.)

so uhh, naturally i was stalking justin bieber on youtube and i found HIM rapping with chris brown in concert in sydney australia.
man, the boy can rap.
it makes him even more attractive, let's be real.

watch it.

10 little-known facts about justin bieber.

justin was on the late show with david letterman and did

"10 little known facts about justin bieber"
all were hilarious and i loved that he showed his humor.

watch here.

10) "my new fragrance someday also makes a delicious low calorie salad dressing."
9) "i served 8 months in prison for siphoning gas."
8) "the first thing i bought when i hit it big was a four-slice toaster."
7) "as hard as i've tried, i don't know how to not be adorable." (adorable smile and head tilt.)swoon.
6) "justin bieber's my secret identity, i'm really green lantern."
5) "i'm not really a big fan of kevin james." (shows kevin in the studio, distraught face.)
4) "i begged my publicist to get me out of this."
3) "last week i accidently waited in line for 2 hours for my own autograph."
2) "my mom had to remind me he's not larry king"
1) "it's a hairpiece."

so great.
i love him. i love him so much.

Friday, June 24, 2011

the office.

I've got an obsession.
let's begin at, well, the beginning.

my friends were outraged because i had never seen the office. some how every single season on dvd ended up at my house during christmas break. I never left that couch. I watched almost every season and i became obsessed.

now, i have netflix and have started it all over again. this summer, i will watch every single office episode once again.

don't ask me to tell you how many i've watched today, because that's embarrassing.

also. i've discovered i like the older episodes more than the new ones. i love the awkward jim and pam not dating thing. it makes me ridiculously happy. plus, they are a boring married couple, and why do they no longer play hilarious pranks on dwight?! also, the older ones are funnier. but, we still love the new ones. the latest season was bomb. i was really sad to see michael go, but i'm excited to see what will happen now.

now, some great quotes from the office.

"When i'm about to do something i think to myself, would an idiot do this thing? If so i do not do that thing."

"i'm like a carpenter, who builds stairs. always thinking one step ahead."

"did i studder?"

"bears. beets. battlestar galactica."

"identity theft is not a joke jim. millions of families suffer every year."

"and they are usually bad drivers."
"ah man, am i a woman?"

"hey, since i have you on the phone, can i um, fire jim?"

"dwight, you ignorant slut!"

"well. i brought a tuna sandwich on my first day of work here, and he calls me big tuna."

"Jim! He put my stapler in jello again!"
"how did you know it was me?" (eating jello.)

oh how i love the office, so much.
i am indebted to those who forced me to watch it that entire christmas break.
i appreciate it ladies, i really do.

when you're awake at 9:30, it's amazing the stuff you can get done (don't tell my mom that.)

So. senior pictures for the yearbook. (obviously megan is going to be taking mine. at the end of the summer. when i'm black; do you even know me at all?)

i got up at 8 for an appointment at 9:15. I did my hair, and makeup (and trust me that was not easy: name it!) and got all ready, for a MAYBE 5 minute appointment.
what does one do at nine thirty in the a.m. when they are all dressed up? clean obviously.

I cleaned my room.
did laundry. (including towels)
cleaned the bathroom.
watched justin bieber on the today show and the view
went to lunch.
went to the dollar store for camp awards
watched the office
folded laundry
put all that laundry away
watched more office
all that before work at 6:30. glorious.

after work i went to walmart in search of a one piece swimsuit for going boating.
and dang, they have some good ones.

i found a cheetah one (to match some adorable fay-bans of mine) that looks just like my sisters landsend one, but way cheaper.
and i'm sthuper stoked about it.

also, we cleaned out the demos at work so now i have a plethora of good books to read if anyone needs some. come check it out in my library. there are also movies, because i have a 5 dollar movie obsession. it's a real problem in my life.

then i proceeded to watch even more of the office.
good day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my friends think they are comical. and well, maybe they are.

one day, i went out to my car to find this:


i hate you alien. and take some cold medicine.

Does anyone else have those airwick air freshners in your house? The ones that puff air out every half hour and scare the begeezees out of you?

I hate them so so much.

seriously. They sound like aliens with a cold, sneezing all the time and such, and it scares me every time.

last night, i was laying in bed, almost asleep when airwick the alien sneezed and i nearly peed my pants.

go away airwick alien, and take some cold medicine.

*on the upside, they smell like peaches.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

did ju-no?

get it? good one right?

I recently watched Juno for the first time (it was edited.) and I am obsessed. It's hilarious. ever since, i have not stopped quoting it. Some of my favorites?

"I'm already pregnant, what other shenanegans can i get into?"

"I'm a suicide risk."

"it's probably just a food baby, did you have a big lunch?"

"I didn't think he had it in him. I know right?!"

"i had guessed but i had hoped she was expelled or into hard drugs."

"That ain't no echasketch, that is one doodle that cannot be undid homeskillet."

"you better pay for the pee-stick when you're done. don't think it's yours just because you marked it with your urine."

"go carol."

"well you know, they're your fav and i figure you can't have too much of your favorite one calorie breath mint."

"oh good. because i once knew this girl who ripped off all her clothes and jumped into the fountain and was all 'i am a crackin from the sea!"
"i heard that was you."
"hey nice to see you su chin."

"and then su chin was there and she was all your baby has fingernails. FINGERNAILS."

"no, i didn't barf in your urn. maybe LB did it."


hilarious. SO many quotable lines.

i'm too school for cool.

I'm nearly done.
Officially a senior and beginning paul mitchell in nearly a month.

I feel as though i'm all done with high school, but alas i must go back for one more torturous year, though this one i will be a social outcast seeing as all 7 of my best friends will be gone to college.

graduation week was especially hard for me.
I watched as all my friends carpooled to graduation practice and made jokes.
They went to lagoon and made memories.
they graduation and matched.
and finally, they shut the doors on the senior all nighter as i walked to my car.
I felt like i had been forgotten, perhaps as if I were holding them back.

But the week is over and things seem to be to normal, except that megan has moved out and lives in her very own apartment, and college looms over my head like a raincloud. Alyssa moves out in august, and i'll begin in july.

The summer has flown by already and i can't help but feel nervous for hair school.
I've been wanting this forever, but what if that's not enough?

what if i suck?
I don't have any other skills. What if everything comes crashing down on me?

Monday, June 6, 2011

let me introduce my best friends.

after being in the same spirit team squad the entire year, we became friends at the end, with morp and st george bringing us together.
now, i can't imagine my life without these girls. In one short weekend, we became the best of friends.
since st george last weekend there has been yearbook day, graduation, stomp, sleepovers, lunches, movies, and much more.
so, let me introduce you to my 7 best friends.

Stacie Norton (blog)

this girl is hilarious. we text constantly and love the same boy, which makes stalking him convenient. Since she doesn't have picture messaging she often finds emails from me, with creeper pictures. i love her.

Kate Ladd (blog)

(she's the one flying in the back)
Oh heavens. This girl is a crack up. She does the BEST voices and will leave you rolling on the floor. We are so much alike and have so much fun with stupid voices and even stupider faces. i love her.

Brooke Fairbanks

This girl is the sweetest girl you will ever meet, she constantly has compliments rolling off her tongue. She is so much fun, and always laughs at my jokes. I love her.
*brooke. i blogged about you.

Bro0oke Thorley (zero intended. it's how we tell the brookes apart on paper.)

Before st. george i didn't really know this girl. I was pleasantly suprised with what i found. this girl is so nice and funny. She's an old soul and i love it. The best part of the trip with bro0oke was when we sang the ENTIRE ride home to showtunes. i love her.

Ashley Anderson (blog)
Our real friendship began when we saw country strong together. She is a crackup and always gets my movie references, and throws in a bunch of her own. I enjoy her general awkwardness and granny ways. To say I'm obsessed with her entire family would be an understatement. i love her.

Megan Abel (blog)

I feel this picture describes our relationship perfectly. We've had some ups and downs, but we're always there for each other. I enjoy her quick wit and awkward but touches. I love her.

Alyssa Allred (blog)

Oh where to begin with this girl? Her laugh is hilarious. I dare you to hear it and not laugh yourself, it's impossible.
You will always have fun with this girl. Always. She is a crackup and we may just be the exact same person. I'm going to miss her so much when she goes to snow, i can't even tell you. It's weird to think we've only been friends for about a year because it feels like many many years. Our cars are siblings and she always laughs at my jokes. I love this girl to death.

I have the greatest friends and I'm so grateful. I am truly blessed with these friendships I've gained. I hope to be friends for the rest of our lives, with our yearly st george trips and turtle girls box. I cannot explain to you how much each and every one of these girls mean to me. I love them to death and couldn't ask for anyone better.
I love you guys.

an austrailian justin bieber

Cody Simpson.
It won't let me blog it, so I'll just post the link.

Once, this kid was on so random. I watched him and may have fell in love.
He's 14. it's fine.
Let's be real here, his 2 steppin is attractive.
and, who doesn't love an austrailian accent?
i may or may not have but definietly did buy both his albums.
don't judge.
i'm a huge fan.

watch his video all day here
it's my favorite.
i could listen to it all day. (that was a pun. you would know that if you watched the video.)
or, iyiyi feat. flo rida here
iyiyi also features his accent and adorable humor.

don't fret, i still love justin more.
i feel like a pedophile, dangit.

remember this disney channel movie?

it was on tonight.
i tivoed and watched until wee hours of the morn. (i'm talking it's 2:30 and i'm not finished yet)
don't think this one's gonna get deleted.
"what freaky twin thing?"

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A shrine, to Justin Bieber.

in my room, against a purple wall, I've got a shrine to justin bieber. check it.

the many (ugly) faces of caihay.

Recently I've discovered it is really hard for me to smile in pictures. Personally, I enjoy pictures with personality, a little flava if you will. In turn, pictures turn out awfully horrendous. wanna see?

cute right?
also, i have nostrils the size of kentucky. NBD.