Monday, June 6, 2011

an austrailian justin bieber

Cody Simpson.
It won't let me blog it, so I'll just post the link.

Once, this kid was on so random. I watched him and may have fell in love.
He's 14. it's fine.
Let's be real here, his 2 steppin is attractive.
and, who doesn't love an austrailian accent?
i may or may not have but definietly did buy both his albums.
don't judge.
i'm a huge fan.

watch his video all day here
it's my favorite.
i could listen to it all day. (that was a pun. you would know that if you watched the video.)
or, iyiyi feat. flo rida here
iyiyi also features his accent and adorable humor.

don't fret, i still love justin more.
i feel like a pedophile, dangit.


sydnee said...

so cute.
it's okay.
i'm only four years older than him.

court said...

wow. i guess we can just be twins. if you haven't checked out summertime please do so. it makes me happier then ever.

Laura said...

5 stars for the ausie 2-stepper.
2 p-p's for Cailey.
This is going to be a close duel.