Thursday, June 16, 2011

did ju-no?

get it? good one right?

I recently watched Juno for the first time (it was edited.) and I am obsessed. It's hilarious. ever since, i have not stopped quoting it. Some of my favorites?

"I'm already pregnant, what other shenanegans can i get into?"

"I'm a suicide risk."

"it's probably just a food baby, did you have a big lunch?"

"I didn't think he had it in him. I know right?!"

"i had guessed but i had hoped she was expelled or into hard drugs."

"That ain't no echasketch, that is one doodle that cannot be undid homeskillet."

"you better pay for the pee-stick when you're done. don't think it's yours just because you marked it with your urine."

"go carol."

"well you know, they're your fav and i figure you can't have too much of your favorite one calorie breath mint."

"oh good. because i once knew this girl who ripped off all her clothes and jumped into the fountain and was all 'i am a crackin from the sea!"
"i heard that was you."
"hey nice to see you su chin."

"and then su chin was there and she was all your baby has fingernails. FINGERNAILS."

"no, i didn't barf in your urn. maybe LB did it."


hilarious. SO many quotable lines.


kirsten. said...

love that movie so much.

sydnee said...

i can quote that whole movie.
no it's morgan freeman.
got any bones that need collecting?

Kelsey said...

Best movie ever.
Sorry, I'm on my hamburger phone.

Marika xoxo said...

Sounds like a great movie!!