Thursday, June 16, 2011

i'm too school for cool.

I'm nearly done.
Officially a senior and beginning paul mitchell in nearly a month.

I feel as though i'm all done with high school, but alas i must go back for one more torturous year, though this one i will be a social outcast seeing as all 7 of my best friends will be gone to college.

graduation week was especially hard for me.
I watched as all my friends carpooled to graduation practice and made jokes.
They went to lagoon and made memories.
they graduation and matched.
and finally, they shut the doors on the senior all nighter as i walked to my car.
I felt like i had been forgotten, perhaps as if I were holding them back.

But the week is over and things seem to be to normal, except that megan has moved out and lives in her very own apartment, and college looms over my head like a raincloud. Alyssa moves out in august, and i'll begin in july.

The summer has flown by already and i can't help but feel nervous for hair school.
I've been wanting this forever, but what if that's not enough?

what if i suck?
I don't have any other skills. What if everything comes crashing down on me?