Monday, June 6, 2011

let me introduce my best friends.

after being in the same spirit team squad the entire year, we became friends at the end, with morp and st george bringing us together.
now, i can't imagine my life without these girls. In one short weekend, we became the best of friends.
since st george last weekend there has been yearbook day, graduation, stomp, sleepovers, lunches, movies, and much more.
so, let me introduce you to my 7 best friends.

Stacie Norton (blog)

this girl is hilarious. we text constantly and love the same boy, which makes stalking him convenient. Since she doesn't have picture messaging she often finds emails from me, with creeper pictures. i love her.

Kate Ladd (blog)

(she's the one flying in the back)
Oh heavens. This girl is a crack up. She does the BEST voices and will leave you rolling on the floor. We are so much alike and have so much fun with stupid voices and even stupider faces. i love her.

Brooke Fairbanks

This girl is the sweetest girl you will ever meet, she constantly has compliments rolling off her tongue. She is so much fun, and always laughs at my jokes. I love her.
*brooke. i blogged about you.

Bro0oke Thorley (zero intended. it's how we tell the brookes apart on paper.)

Before st. george i didn't really know this girl. I was pleasantly suprised with what i found. this girl is so nice and funny. She's an old soul and i love it. The best part of the trip with bro0oke was when we sang the ENTIRE ride home to showtunes. i love her.

Ashley Anderson (blog)
Our real friendship began when we saw country strong together. She is a crackup and always gets my movie references, and throws in a bunch of her own. I enjoy her general awkwardness and granny ways. To say I'm obsessed with her entire family would be an understatement. i love her.

Megan Abel (blog)

I feel this picture describes our relationship perfectly. We've had some ups and downs, but we're always there for each other. I enjoy her quick wit and awkward but touches. I love her.

Alyssa Allred (blog)

Oh where to begin with this girl? Her laugh is hilarious. I dare you to hear it and not laugh yourself, it's impossible.
You will always have fun with this girl. Always. She is a crackup and we may just be the exact same person. I'm going to miss her so much when she goes to snow, i can't even tell you. It's weird to think we've only been friends for about a year because it feels like many many years. Our cars are siblings and she always laughs at my jokes. I love this girl to death.

I have the greatest friends and I'm so grateful. I am truly blessed with these friendships I've gained. I hope to be friends for the rest of our lives, with our yearly st george trips and turtle girls box. I cannot explain to you how much each and every one of these girls mean to me. I love them to death and couldn't ask for anyone better.
I love you guys.


asher said...

This really makes me happy. Granny loves you too!

Alyssa said...

Sniff. I love you so much dear cai hay. We have the whole summer to do the greatest stuff together. I so look forward to what this summer holds for all of us girls!!!