Sunday, June 5, 2011

the many (ugly) faces of caihay.

Recently I've discovered it is really hard for me to smile in pictures. Personally, I enjoy pictures with personality, a little flava if you will. In turn, pictures turn out awfully horrendous. wanna see?

cute right?
also, i have nostrils the size of kentucky. NBD.


Hippie Grandma said...

your faces are not hideous.
they are delightful.
and no worries,
i look so awkward in any photo of me.
i make the ugliest faces.

Ashley said...

Ha! Cailey I think you look great. Also, i too seek after the good, bad, & just flat out ugly pictures of myself. It's what makes one more approachable & human.

Laura said...

I respect this. I respect this so much.

sydnee said...

my favorite is the one in the byu shirt.
this is why we're friends.

olivia said...

I enjoy this.
by the way, I saw the picture of you in the yearbook,
and it was flipping gorgeous.