Friday, June 24, 2011

the office.

I've got an obsession.
let's begin at, well, the beginning.

my friends were outraged because i had never seen the office. some how every single season on dvd ended up at my house during christmas break. I never left that couch. I watched almost every season and i became obsessed.

now, i have netflix and have started it all over again. this summer, i will watch every single office episode once again.

don't ask me to tell you how many i've watched today, because that's embarrassing.

also. i've discovered i like the older episodes more than the new ones. i love the awkward jim and pam not dating thing. it makes me ridiculously happy. plus, they are a boring married couple, and why do they no longer play hilarious pranks on dwight?! also, the older ones are funnier. but, we still love the new ones. the latest season was bomb. i was really sad to see michael go, but i'm excited to see what will happen now.

now, some great quotes from the office.

"When i'm about to do something i think to myself, would an idiot do this thing? If so i do not do that thing."

"i'm like a carpenter, who builds stairs. always thinking one step ahead."

"did i studder?"

"bears. beets. battlestar galactica."

"identity theft is not a joke jim. millions of families suffer every year."

"and they are usually bad drivers."
"ah man, am i a woman?"

"hey, since i have you on the phone, can i um, fire jim?"

"dwight, you ignorant slut!"

"well. i brought a tuna sandwich on my first day of work here, and he calls me big tuna."

"Jim! He put my stapler in jello again!"
"how did you know it was me?" (eating jello.)

oh how i love the office, so much.
i am indebted to those who forced me to watch it that entire christmas break.
i appreciate it ladies, i really do.


Hippie Grandma said...

the office is single-handedly, my favorite show ever.

you have no idea.
i started watching it when it first came on.
and yes, the older episodes are better, definitely.
but i will forever love jim and pam.
mostly jim. john krasinski and i will have children. for realz.

also, my sister put a calculator in jello for me once... i ate some of the jellow:

big mistake. huge.

Hailey said...

oh my obsession began over spring break and i watched every episode on netflix.. i have watched six seasons. yes the older episodes are better.. i live through jim and pam, and anyone who can quote the office is my hero.

miss melia said...

i agree, i love the older episodes. i love the office with my entire heart. i can quote the office all day.

DragonQueen said...

i'm also an addict. let's share our burden with one another.

taryn and taylor said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the office. holy!