Friday, June 24, 2011

when you're awake at 9:30, it's amazing the stuff you can get done (don't tell my mom that.)

So. senior pictures for the yearbook. (obviously megan is going to be taking mine. at the end of the summer. when i'm black; do you even know me at all?)

i got up at 8 for an appointment at 9:15. I did my hair, and makeup (and trust me that was not easy: name it!) and got all ready, for a MAYBE 5 minute appointment.
what does one do at nine thirty in the a.m. when they are all dressed up? clean obviously.

I cleaned my room.
did laundry. (including towels)
cleaned the bathroom.
watched justin bieber on the today show and the view
went to lunch.
went to the dollar store for camp awards
watched the office
folded laundry
put all that laundry away
watched more office
all that before work at 6:30. glorious.

after work i went to walmart in search of a one piece swimsuit for going boating.
and dang, they have some good ones.

i found a cheetah one (to match some adorable fay-bans of mine) that looks just like my sisters landsend one, but way cheaper.
and i'm sthuper stoked about it.

also, we cleaned out the demos at work so now i have a plethora of good books to read if anyone needs some. come check it out in my library. there are also movies, because i have a 5 dollar movie obsession. it's a real problem in my life.

then i proceeded to watch even more of the office.
good day.


Stacie said...

I would like to see what books you have. Thank you ma'am. If you oppose, let me know.