Friday, July 29, 2011

in 3 days.

learning leaders.

christmas in july.
skeleton of the head.
all sorts of braids.
shampoo curl.
pin curls.
finger wave.
product knowledge.

next week, cutting.

they really dive right in at PMTS.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

don't you worry zac, justin hasn't taken away my love for you.

you sure are dashing, zac.


today was the day.
it was amazing to say the least.
i'm psyched out of my mind.
here's to paul mitchell future professionals.

Monday, July 25, 2011

sometimes i feel really bad for my future husband.

because he has to marry into my family. we're all a little out of control, but in the best way.
If you knew my family you'd understand.
but, since you don't, let me tell you about them. they're really great.
There are currently 25 of us pleasant grove haynie's.
2 parents
7 siblings
5 in-laws
9 nephews
2 nieces

me being the youngest, my future husband is not only going to get the wrath from my 6 siblings, but also their spouses and children.
he should fear us.
not to mention, us haynie's tend to like names that correspond with each other.
yes, we're the matchy matchy type.
connie.courtney. cali.cailey.
heaven help this fine young man.

along with the name insanity, you have merciless teasing; things that i will never live down.
like when i was 5 and insisted that arthur was mine, or how i enjoy walmart, or how i bought a light up harry potter wand for 30$, or how sometimes i fail at handstands and smack the floor too hard.

to join the name insanity, and merciless teasing you have things like:
the blanket twirl
tossing children into pillows
loud singing
dance offs
handstand contests
lifting people up with your hands
mustaches in mexico
extravagant sandcastle building
among many other things.

basically, 4th sunday dinner is a little bit out of control, but the greatest thing you will ever experience.

even though it's really great, i still feel bad for the poor chap who has to join this circus.

june 2010, 3 new babies added since then
the seven siblings
balancing acts

all the grandkids

my nephews are really tall

missin all this.

the other night, baby veenk and i got together to discuss water girl things.

it was like we had never been apart, although we haven't seen each other all summer and haven't had a conversation longer than 5 minutes in months and months.
more than anything, being with that girl made me miss football like crazy.

so, a list of football things i miss
-bus rides
-derek making us tell him everything about our lives
-the smell
-the boys
-how i never smell like a girl
-the heat
-other teams
-locker room chats
-sitting in the gator
-driving the gator
-overheard conversations

basically i just miss everything about it and i am
to get back to it. holla.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

you're mighty handsome, justin.

not kidding you. an exact conversation.

I was at seagull book and tape working and folding clothes when i hear this conversation between a 4-5 year old girl and her mother.

girl: "mom. i know what we can get kayla for her birthday?" (in a super serious voice.)
mom: "what?"
girl: "a fork."
mom: "a fork?"
girl: "yes, a fork."
mom:"why would we buy her a fork?"
girl:"because it'd be funny." (in a sort of way that says duh, how did you not get that?)

stinking hilarious. i bust out laughing right there in seagull book and tape.

true story.

tonight, i met me in 20-30 years.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

in need of:

a football loving girl with no life who enjoys watching from the sidelines and the smell of sweat.
you must attend pghs and have pride like no one's business.
you must be available for football practices and games.
we are looking for a squashmore, but we'll take others.
we are in need of another water girl for this coming year.
if you are interested, we will give you an interview. (mostly because that's comical.)
but seriously.
we have to see if we'll enjoy working with you.
and, see if you fulfill all the requirements.

this is a serious invitation.
comment if interested.

not sure if you'll enjoy the job?
read about the hilarious coaches here
read what you won't understand here
read why rain is a good thing here
read about the lovely football people here
read about football excitement here

basically it's the best.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

well duh.

(i'm not dissing the song because i'm actually a huge fan of it)

Who Says-- selena gomez

"i wouldn't want to be anybody else"

everytime i hear that i think to myself, well duh selena, you're dating justin bieber.
if i were dating justin bieber, i wouldn't want to be anybody else either.

triple didgets.

hello ladies and gents.
lately i've had a couple new followers and i realized i don't know a lot of my followers, so i wondered if you might leave a comment, your name, your blog, and one exciting fact about yourself so i may get to know you and we may be friends.

the week before summer ends.

the best friend and i got together and planned an entire week of wonderful activites before school starts next tuesday (1 week from today. bah!) basically we laid out our summer wants, and our work schedules and made so lovely plans.

tuesday (today)

water fights.

girls night
girl talk (the game)

sandra bullock marathon

possible drive in movie

delicious treat making

hopefully boating or something equally great.

my friends are the best to make this week bomb before i start school again.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

9 days.

My summer ends in precisely 9 days.
tuesday july 26th i begin school 9-4:30
I have this week, and next monday. so really only 8 days.

if you want to play this summer, it must be this week.
i have 8 days to pack in as much fun as physically possible. sleeping is completely unnecessary.
call me people.
let's play.
hurry hurry.

wow. 8 days.

maybe i should look into gold digging.

growing up is the worst for one reason and one reason only. money.
along with money, is that thing called work. which sometimes isn't so bad.

money and growing up seems to be smacking me in the face lately.
school costs a lot of money.
my ipod broke and i must buy a new one. it's cheaper to buy an iphone and renew my plan, though cheaper still means 300$
gas is expensive, and i drive everywhere, not to mention i will be driving to provo and back everyday in a week and 2 days.
school clothes and shoes are necessary because i must wear all black.
eating is a necessity though i'd be skinnier without it.

when did this world get so expensive and why can't we go back to 1950's prices?

i need a really rich boyfriend.
or perhaps i'll be a gold digger.
or kiss justin bieber and sell the picture to people.
maybe i'll claim to be JK rowling's daughter. or Oprah's.
ellen helps people. i'll write to her.
do you think i could sell some socks or my obscene amount of flip flops?

anyone have any good ideas for this problem of mine?

Friday, July 15, 2011

neville? is that you?

i couldn't tell cause you're really handsome these days.

Friday, July 8, 2011

when i try to be funny, i come across more 'socially awkward' than 'tina fey"

which is precisely why i could not write for SNL, you have to try to be funny and write skits. i would not be accepted there.

so, the reason i speak about SNL and Tina Fey, is because i'm currently reading bossypants by tina fey. it's basically really really ridiculously funny. (you may insert good looking and make the blue steele face if so desired right now.)
so then i thought, hey maybe i should write a book about my life.
and then i thought, wait. my life is super boring, what would the book be about?
which is where my current thought process is, and how the pizza i'm eating is kind of cold, dangit.

so, here is an excerpt from the book i have not written about my life and will never write unless i become ridiculously famous and marry justin bieber. then i will write it and this blog post will be chapter one. comment if you want to be featured in a new york best seller.

You know those movies that are ridiculously stupid, cheesy, and completely unreal? the ones that you hate but you can't stop watching it because you have to see who's bra they put in the freezer? ok, now that you have the movie in your head, let me give you the scene. it's new years eve and the main girl who is somewhat socially awkward and her best friend throw a party, a party no one shows up to?
one time, that was me. i attempted to throw a huge new years eve bash, and not one person showed up. in my time of social awkwardness and general teenage anger, i learned a couple things.
1) never throw a new years eve party, ever.
2) never throw a party, ever.
3) nothing bonds best friends quite like a failure of a party in which you spent an 80$ combined total buying food you'd have to eat yourself.

If this book was a chicken soup for the soul type deal, i may go on to explain how i learned from this experience, and how true friends will always be there, even when no one shows up to your party. But this isn't chicken soup for the soul and i have something to say to those who didn't show. [Hahaha. bet you wish you showed up to that party now huh? now that i'm married to JB and ridiculously famous with ferraris as pocket change. you could've said you were once in attendance to the party of the century with cailey bieber. eat it.] i hope you enjoy this book. and maybe even buy it for your great aunt's daughter's best friend's brother's future wife.

the title is in the works.
but i figure since justin and i are currently separated while he dates selena, i've got time before my fame and love and fruit smelling babies.

oh justin, someday.

Get it? it's his fragrance. funny right?

The other day my mom and i went to the mall because we (i) were ridiculously bored.
obviously we had to hit up claires and stalk the jb merchandise.
then, hit up nordstrom to smell the jb merchandise. his fragrance, i mean. that was awkwardly stated...

at first, i was not impressed. then, as the day went on and i kept sniffing it on me, (especially when i was driving the the air conditioning was hitting my wrist perfectly and wafting that beautiful scent in front of my face) it was REALLY delicious. for reals. really really good smelling. a little fruity, and a lot delicious.

someday (there's that pun again. it keeps sneaking in.) i will buy that perfume and wear it sparingly, to not waste the 40$ a bottle goodness. i will attract jb with his own perfume, and we will fall in love and have good smelling babies. ones that smell like fruit and baby. not to be confused by baby fruit. which is just a smaller version of regular sized fruit.

so, basically jb's fragrance is sthupa delicious.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

adam hicks.

have you ever seen lemonade mouth on disney channel?
adam hicks plays wen and he is absolutely adorable.
watch the movie, you will fall in love.
he has an odd, adorable lisp. he dresses...interestingly. he is REALLY white but boy, can he rap. he obviously likes olivia and he is so cute about it. i can't explain it, but he's quite handsome.

watch him rap here.

i hope my future black children are half as adorable as him.

Eshaya Draper.
is he not adorable?!?

Have you ever seen college road trip?
i feel he steals the ENTIRE show with his adorable face and quick wit.
who wouldn't love that face?!
watch him be adorably smart in this video.
he is the cutest little black boy i have ever seen in my whole life.
can i please just take him home?
watch college road trip, you too will fall in love with that face.

awkwardly tall.

I was at least 5'6'' in the 6th grade. in case you didn't catch that, it's super awkwardly tall. the only thing that saved me from being the tallest was alan hampson, who is currently 7 feet tall. true story.
when i was younger i HATED my height. i was always taller than everyone and i was basically a giant. people always told me i would love it when i was older and i used to scoff, before i even knew what the word scoff was.
now, i LOVE my height. and sometimes, i even wish i was a little taller.
i'm about 5'8"-5'9" at this moment in time. which, i feel is kind of average. (although others wouldn't agree. apparently average height is 5'5", hello 6th grade cailey.) and if you know me at all, i don't enjoy being average. average is boring.
perhaps that's why i enjoy wearing heels, because i'm basically gargantuan. i can see over everyone, it's lovely.

so to all you ladies who hate being tall, get over it. (get it, cause they're tall. good one right?)

hey, you. yeah, you you right there.

Today I took my nephew Brigham to the movies.
we were buying some delicious treats when megan said hello. we are mutual blog stalkers.
and now, i would consider us real life friends.
the moral of this story, ladies and gentlemen. if you see me, please say hello. i love people. and i love knowing people. i promise i won't think you are crazy. in fact, we'll probably become friends.
seriously. i enjoy when people creep. if you see me walking down the street, or driving, feel free to frantically honk or jump up and down (please,not while you are driving. i'm pretty sure that's a hazard.)
let's all be real life friends.

careful, a plethora of posts coming through.

I have a note in my phone of things i need to blog about. well, the list is getting ridiculously long recently so i'm gonna sit here, and blog a ridiculous amount. enjoy.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's almost four in the morning but i had to blog about his before i lost it.

so, lexi and kellee jo and i bumped into each other at walmart today.
lexi proceeded to tell me selena gomez was pregnant.
i proceeded to tell her that was extremely false because does not say so.
so, i search some more JUST in case.
I find this hilarious quote from OK! magazine.
"When 18-year-old Selena Gomez checked into a Burbank, Calif., hospital complaining of headaches and nausea (and reportedly receiving blood pressure tests) on June 9, the rumor mill went into overdrive: Was the Disney darling living the dreams of millions of young women around the world — by carrying The Biebs’ love child?"
does that make anyone else laugh out loud?!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

oh brad.

Brad Paisley ladies and gents.
last night i had the glorious last seccond opportunity to attend the stadium of fire. featuring Brad.
he did phenomenal to say the least.
at the end, he jumped in a pool and swam away.
pictures and the whole night story are to come soon enough, but for now, let's talk about brad.

basically we just love him because he's married to kimberly and is such a family man. he has some really great kids and he is absolutely hilarious.

he taught his son to say "that's what she said." read here.

His son, Huck. (featured above with a hilarious quote) is OBSESSED with carrie underwood (let's be real, who isn't obsessed with carrie?) he's 4 years old and he gave her a valentine and some roses. the story is adorable. read here.

everything about brad is so real. he isn't some fake celebrity (though we like them too, for the most part.) he's got a family and great kids. he lives on a farm and writes songs for his wife of 8 years. he's just so genuine. as we were walking back to my cousin's apartment, we saw a 10 year old boy wearing the exact same shirt he had just been wearing onstage. a superman shirt with usa colors.

plus, we can't forget handsome.
annnnnnd, he has a nice bum.

read everything BRAD PAISLEY here.
for now, until i put my photos up, enjoy this nice picture.

want to see all brad's pictures and some hilarious quotes? here.

i may love a little too much.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

has anyone else noticed?

that my recent posts are all youtube videos?

uhhh. awkward.

because the universe hates us.

I got back today.

alyssa leaves tomorrow.
stacie leaves next week.
ash leaves after that.
friends, where in the world are you?!

another genius video.

this, is absolutely hilarious. careful, you MAY pee your pants.

oh hello ladies.

I'm home from camp.
i first showered, then went to taco amigo, because it's an addiction.
holla to sleeping in my nice bed tonight, without the fear of bears eating my face off.